Author releases audio book

LOCAL author and speaker Ralph Kadurira’s classic motivational book, Fighting Ignorance, is now available in audio format as the author seeks to reach out to more people, NewsDay has established.


Kadurira said he was inspired to migrate to audio format following suggestions from people he interacted with at various speaking forums.

“Through my interactions with people I meet in seminars and conferences I speak at, many did suggest that I consider doing an audio book,” he said, adding that audio books were convenient as they were more portable and user-friendly.

He said more and more people in Zimbabwe were migrating to audio books, although their availability in local stores was still limited.

“It’s still a new phenomenon among us. I believe the main reason is many audio books are available online and a few can be found on the shelves in CD or any other format,” he said.

Kadurira said the audio format was ideal especially for people who preferred listening to, than reading, inspirational messages.

“I believe with the audio version, I will be able to capture those who prefer listening than reading. This book is a tool that can be used even by taxis or commuter operators. They can play it for their passengers and the message of the importance of embracing knowledge will be spread easily,” he said.

The motivational speaker said the book was inspired by the need to help people appreciate the danger of ignorance and was meant to provoke a hunger for knowledge.

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  1. most importantly, it will be beneficial to the blind

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