AMHVoices: Voters will reshuffle Mugabe out of power


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe once more proved that he has run out of ideas, strategies and sound advice to keep his party intact and the economy floating.

PM,Our Reader

His latest Cabinet recycle, or is it reshuffle, which saw Priscah Mupfumira and Tshinga Dube and others being dropped, with some moved to less influential ministries because of factionalism, will haunt him come the 2018 polls.

Mugabe is the one who is blocking progress in all spheres of Zimbabweans’ lives. No reshuffle which leaves Mugabe as Head of State and government will yield any positive political or economic turnaround.

The man must step down.

To start with the reshuffle was a futile exercise. Most of these ministers cannot turn around anything much like Mugabe himself. They were failing in the ministries they were leading and will fail in the new ones they were assigned to.

With most key ministries allegedly now under G40 faction, it is easier to blame the G40 and Mugabe himself for Cabinet failure and spare the Lacoste faction. This will cost Mugabe personally come the 2018 mother of all polls.

I cannot imagine a disappointed and out-of-Cabinet Dube, Mupfumira and other demoted ministers heavily involving themselves in a campaign to keep Mugabe in power next year.

What Mugabe’s Cabinet recycle has managed to do is to weaken Mugabe further. He has no hope to defeat Morgan Tsvangirai now than before. He has committed political suicide by embarking on this Cabinet reshuffle.

The grassroots is seething with anger in the manner in which Mugabe is handling government business by seemingly enjoying scoring cheap political points against opponents within and outside Zanu PF, at the expense of serious government business.

It is for these reasons and many others like collapsing health delivery services, corruption, unemployment, vendors abuse, dictatorial practices etc that Mugabe and Zanu PF stand no chance to win 2018 polls against the mighty MDC Alliance.

The 2017 Cabinet reshuffle is his last Cabinet reshuffle as the voters will reshuffle and drop him out of the Cabinet come 2018 polls. Zanu PF is finished.


  1. Nothing will happen to Mugabe. He predetermines the outcome of elections. In Zimbabwe, there are no elections as we normally know them. So, come 2018, Mugabe or his proxy, probably his wife, will romp to victory and nothing will happen. The hapless population will keep saying Mwari pindirai as if Zim is the only place Mwari should prioritise. Namatai tione, but if you do not collectively take action to save the country, muchati baba.

  2. The public reserve the final say in the ballot box but they are too polarised politically to talk in one voice. Mugabe’s cabinet reshuffle is not meant to benefit the people but a tactical approach-carrot and stick- to remain politically afloat.

  3. I really wonder if Mugabe can be removed through the ballot if 2008 is anything to go by. The opposition should change tact. For starters, going into an election with ZEC in its current form is a non-starter, secondly the assigning of Happyton Bonyongwe, a CIO boss to the justice ministry is a sure case that the Kenyan situation wont happen here if the elections are desputed…

  4. 1. Mugabe used ZezaZulus, Karangas & Ndaus to weaken a Ndebele strongman Joshua Nkomo. Then ZezaZulus Karangas Karangas to weaken a Ndau strongman Ndabaningi Sithole, then a Karanga strongman E.D. to destroy Ndebels, now he is using Ndebeles to destroy Karangas. Before you know it he will use his wife to destroy ZezaZulus and he will be the only strong man on this land. Divide and rule ….

  5. Comment…kuzosvedzera mudzimai padhuze ndo last trick ine marepurcusions kugwara reparty. .handei tione .apa magara tsono baba .the last doubting thomases are no longer doubting anymore..ndipo panorwadza mazimba ese pakuisa madam pedo apa chefu .chenjerai moto wamaisa apa .musazoti hatina kukuidzai. tanga tongoti aa regai hazvo mipedze temu yenyu asi pamukadzi apa ummm .watch oit . Boys Dzesmoko dzinoda kufarawo musisipo baba .saka sakurai ndima yenyu zvakanaka. . rudo mumba ngaru sa vhiringa magonero enyu pabasa zvokutadza kuona nyaya yaDerira nasolomon.

  6. I met a young girl who was asking for money to get her A level certificate from school because she hadn’t paid her school fees and needed her certificate because she had been offered a scholarship to study in America. I asked her how old she was and she said 21. I asked her if she had registered to vote and she said no, she wasn’t going to bother because she watches ZBC and Mugabe had said he was going nowhere. Such apathy is appaulling!!

    • My friend, these people are not going anywhere. This time around the rural folk will be fooled & made to believe that since their fingerprints & photos are already in the system, it would be easier to know how they voted. We now understand the system, we’ve come a long way mate.

  7. SOME bad dreams are so scaring such that by the time you wake up from your slumber you have to kick or twitch yourself to understand that you were fast asleep…….
    Some foolish analysis must be kept in your bed room for your wife for romantic antiques.

  8. zimbabwean are the most stupid and docile maas of people in exixstance to even hold discussions of of 93 year old man as president to be even be currently ruled by a man who soils himself has a blatantly cheating wife and is asleep more times than he is awake you find people debating such a man as a leader no wonder you find yourselves in the situation you are in you only have yourself to blame you dozy zimbabweans

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