AMHVoices: Hypocritical for Mugabe to buy Rolls-Royces from British

We at Corruptionforce are again disgusted by President Robert Mugabe’s racist comments.


We quote from Mugabe: “Whites came to Zimbabwe and wanted to make it theirs oblivious of the fact that what is not yours will never be yours no matter how much you fight for it.”

We at Corruptionforce are against these racist comments because we went to school with whites and have white friends. In fact, black Zimbabweans have been going to school and university with white Zimbabweans since 1981.

There are many of us who have great white friends. So, we say to Mugabe: Who are you to tell us who we can be friends with? This racist attitude is in violation of the new Constitution.

We at Corruptionforce suggest Mugabe reads the following sections of the Constitution: Sec 3(1) f; Sec 3 (2) i&j; Sec 35; Sec 56(3) and Sec 90 d.

So as per the Constitution, if we want to enter into joint ventures with white Zimbabweans we will. The sooner you leave office, the better. Your racist attitude is no longer wanted or relevant.

Corruptionforce also notes that First Lady Grace Mugabe does not respect the rule of law. There are court orders against her in Zimbabwe yet she does not respect them. She also has a problem with the South African legal system over her assault on Gabriella Engels. It is time to start prosecuting her for violation of the law. Under the Constitution, Grace is not above the law. Furthermore, she has no respect for human rights. No wonder she has earned the name DisGrace Mugabe. The sooner this so-called First Family is out of office, the better for all of us.

We say to you Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa go for it. The Mugabes are a family who have no respect for the Constitution or human rights. They are no longer wanted. We want someone who will kill corruption in this country and follow the rule of law.

Those Rolls-Royce cars we see and read about in the newspapers that the Mugabe family has bought, where did the money come from and how did they get allocated the foreign currency? We hope in the interest of transparency that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is looking into this. How can the Mugabes have all this wealth on government salaries if they are honest and respect the rule of law?

That the Mugabes bought Rolls-Royce cars from the British, who Mugabe blames for all of Zimbabwe’s troubles and not corruption and mismanagement, is hypocritical. Mugabe always says one thing and does another. Can Mugabe be trusted?

In concluding, we see that Zanu PF has interests in a number of companies in Zimbabwe. These include Treger Holdings, Mike Appel, Catercraft, Fibrolite, SARE, Zidco Holdings, National Blankets and others. We ask: How did Zanu PF get the money to invest in these companies? If it was using taxpayer funds, ie, looting the State coffers, the companies are not Zanu PF companies, but Zimbabwean companies as the funds came from Zimbabwean taxpayers who are from all corners of the country.

Everyone should be benefiting from these companies and not just Zanu PF. Those who loot taxpayers’ money and use it for their personal benefit are no less than common thieves who should be brought before the courts.

Corruptionforce supports the rule of law and zero corruption.


  1. If truth be told , there is no issue with the so called foreign currency in Zimbabwe because we are still using the us dollar including all other currencies doomed as multicurrency. So you can not accuse any one for being in possession of the us dollar because that’s still our legal tender. The president has no case to answer by purchasing the car that they want.

    1. mere ignorant/foolish talk. have you had about nostro funding deficiencies.

  2. the word irony doesn’t exist in his dictionary. shame is an emotion that he is incapable of feeling.

  3. Maphosa sorry wapotsa bhora apa. You are oblivious to the issues around the Forex. Imbofunda zvakare… may be another 2 years in a reputable institution of higher education will hell lift the veil of ignorance clouding your mind.

  4. ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

    ‘Corruptionforce’ remember that the First Family are hard workers and lead by example when it comes to investments.For instance, Gushungo Dairies. After a hardworking period, you are at liberty to purchase whatever you wish at any price, at any supplier or any country. The First Family invest so that the economy can grow as a direct responds to the satanic, racist, deleterious economic sanctions imposed against our Motherland by the UK,USA, and Western European allies at the instigation and invitation of the MDC as a political party under Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership as he pursued myopic political agenda.
    Corruptionforce, your rave and rantings are motivated by pure hatred which has blurred your reasoning capacity.
    Compare and contrast, when Tsvangirai was our Prime Minister in inclusive government he went on a womanizing-spree, and in the process forgot to invest meaningfully. He caused our humble lobola price to rise to unprecedented levels.

    Therefore, can we trust such a character with the keys to the National Treasury.
    In addition, when he was send to Germany and Japan to seek investment on government duty; instead of encouraging investors to come on board to invest in Zimbabwe he was lecturing about some obscure “democracy” to first obtain in Zimbabwe before they come Zimbabwe.
    To me he sounded a sick man. We are seeking true patriots to represent us wherever!
    See now, when our President travels he always seek investors and anything contributing to our economy and to benefit the generality of the population.
    Our President is not a racist but a victim of racism, for example, sanctions were imposed against our country in retaliation for our must land reclamation and distribution to the landless black majority. This is the biggest check-mate against blatant corruption of rendering the majority landless.
    Icho charira!

    1. Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri

      A political lunatic.I wish i had access to a gas chamber so as to exterminate political vermin like you.

    2. Public Relations

      Uone munhu akutaura apa anenge ari so poor even the word poor might not fit them yet uno ona achipembedza zwakadero.


    4. Iwe iwe, voetsek! MaSacntions amunihwanda nawo aya hapana zvaanoita. Dzingani nyika dzakaroverwa maSanctions asi dzirikubudirira? Zanu Pf murikuba mari, mauraya nyika but murikuda kuramba muchipomera mhosva pane munhu wese kunze kwenyu. Getaway mhani iwe imbwa yemunhu.

    5. ivhukuvanhu, South Africa was Sanctioned during Apartheid and thrived, your president fly’s around the world creating a struggle to stay in power.Or looking for handouts. The whites became the minority and were insignificant years ago. This is blatant mismanagement on the part of Bob and ZARNU. They dug themselves in years ago and will not admit that they failed.They failed their liberation struggle and they failed the people who trusted them. Governments are supposed to serve the people, not the other way round. SA is on the same path. Its all about the money and greed

  5. Comment…really now ivhu kuvhanhu you have said so much of nothing my dear friend it is ironic and inconcivable that the first family can be purchasing top of the range vehicles jewellery and properties out of the country yet the country is going through a severe liquidity crunch simple question how are there able to externalise the forex u are the one showing that your hatred of Tsvangison has severely clouded ur judgement to each their own as a mature democracy we are all allowed the freedom of choice right however u didn’t answer how have there managed to pay for the lavish goods they have bought outside the country lucky them if their dairy enterprise is raking in millions but still isn’t it a criminal offence to externalise forex

  6. If you didn’t know by now, Mugabe envies everything British, his accent, his 3pm tea, colonial dress at State functions etc. That’s why you still hear him obsessed with Blair, 10 years after that man left Downing St. You cant blame him for the new vehicles though, he has his own, the colonial masters left for him and kept in very good shape by the way. The new purchase is just from ignorant over enthusiastic Grace and Russell. Look at their backgrounds and you find such actions not surprising at all.

  7. Done at the right time so that people can vote wisely

  8. the author is most probably young or still in high school and seeking relevance in the white community. then others are equally as naive and seeking relevance to politicians. seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

  9. Funds are being abused and State coffers are empty kusvika zvakutonzi zvakuda ma coffin kuti zvima State entities zviradzikwe. Dzorai moyo hamuneti kuba here nhai vakuru? We are in poverty now and you dont see the suffering of your people. definitely power is sweet BUT…. Chisingaperi chinoshura uye chisi hachimeri musi wacharimwa. Propaganda will never work forever, we will continue to resist it. This is a land of our fathers and does not belong to a few individuals for there are great people who died for us all not for a family.CHANGE IS CERTAIN NEXT ELECTION LIKE IT OR NOT TIME TO LOOT IS OVER. Kana dzimba dzamakatenga kunze tirikudziuyira and we will freeze all your accounts… You shall account for every cent you stole and you will be subjected to the full wrath of LAW.

  10. Do not know how the Pope in Rome welcomed this first family but he has to welcome sinners like them
    People are struggling to make ends meet they do not have access to basics and here is the first family buying properties outside the country rolls royces you name itl Brats being educated outside the country, receiving medical treatment in the far east First Lady beating up ordinary people at random and seeking immunity

  11. The Coalition must Unite and take a leaf from the Gambian scenario and help the people overcome these evil vultures

  12. Comment… You said a lot more to show who is your man . Zimbabwe is a country that deserve rule of law like those perceived as the most democratic states on earth. We love Zimbabwe neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai. Let us not forget that the GNU brought the little US$ that made it possible for the Mugabe’s to buy such luxury cars. To honest anyone with the mentality like yours is unnecessary in Zimbabwe we are moving to.

  13. Whites in Zimbabwe remain racist. Its silly to talk about going to school with them. That changes nothing, outside of school they don’t want to see you.
    Whites here refuse to give opportunities to black businesses, instead preferring to do business with white businesses and fellow whites only.
    They should pack and go. What is not yours will never be yours.

    1. If you find yourself envying to be given a business then you have a problem. The reason why the country is failing is for the same reason, getting things for free. Everyone should work to invest in a business, its not free and will never be. It is the governments responsibility to create an environment favorable for investors, job creation knows no colour.

    2. As if you blacks are not tribalist. Stop this hullabaloo about racism when you cannot even see eye to eye with a brother from Bulawayo. Nxa

  14. gushungo dairies survives on donated farm machinery like tractors. I remember a hoard of tractors that were donated from Russia, if not mistaken, and none was given to the communities they were meant to serve. @ivhukuvhu – there’s no forgiveness for ignorance. itai muchiita research tsano muzive zvamunotaura on public media

  15. We watch from the outside and wonder what it will take for Zimbabweans of all colour to realise that only they can change the government. This is why it is spoken that you get the governemnt you deserve.
    Courage is needed to evercome corruption but faith will move mountains (or corrupt Governments)
    The position required to fix Zimbabwe is first on our knees

  16. mukaranga akakwana

    Comment…mazezuru munoda mnangagwa hamuzivi arirough hamusati magara naye mukadzi wake same same nadisgrace uyu zanu yese hatichada

  17. I’m not sure if i will see tomorrow /living in this world of conflict and sorrow/
    bodies laying slain………..just singing Sizzla Kalonji

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