ACCZ endorses Mugabe as Zanu PF Presidential candidate


THE Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) has endorsed President Robert Mugabe as the Zanu PF presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, the leader of the sect, Johannes Ndanga, said yesterday.


Ndanga said the ACCZ congress, which ended on Sunday, also resolved to appoint Mugabe and his wife, Grace, as patron and matron, but was quick to distance himself from the congress resolutions saying he did not lobby for such.

The ACCZ resolutions to back a Mugabe Zanu PF presidential candidacy follow reports that the First Lady is also set to meet various apostolic sects at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare, to drum up support for the ruling party.

“The congress also endorsed President Mugabe as the ruling Zanu PF party presidential candidate for the 2018 elections. I did not lobby anyone or the congress, but it was the decision and one of the resolutions of the congress.

“The congress also resolved to appoint Mugabe and First Lady as patron and matron of the ACCZ, very important positions that can only be given to one who fits the description of a loving father and mother,” Ndanga, who was also confirmed as the life president of the ACCZ, told journalists at a Press briefing.

The ACCZ congress was held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Grounds.

Ndanga added: “I wanted to step down, but the bishops were against my decision. I was prepared to step aside as I have other pressing comments, but the congress had other ideas and endorsed me as the life president of ACCZ.”

Zanu PF has always drawn support from the apostolic sects, and it is common especially towards the elections to see Mugabe among other top ruling party officials attending the sects’ gatherings to campaign for the party.

The newly-formed Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council is organising a campaign rally to be addressed by the First Lady, with its chairman Jimayi Muduvuri quoted in the Press saying the rally would be attended by over 200 000 apostolic sect followers.


  1. On what grounds does the ACCZ endorse ruthless Mugabe as Zanu PF candidate for the elections? Are they a wing of Zanu PF? This is just a waste of time and space.

  2. This is amaizing. How can mapostori endorse a 93year old to be the Presidential candidate for next year 2018 on what grounds as church members. After all is Mugabe and Grace your church members how can you chose Mugabe a Catholic to be your Patron and Grace your matron. Mapostori hamuna brain. Kunyengedzwa nenhiyo dzehuku shame. Anyone who is going to VOTE for ZANU PF including all bootlickers murimbwa, ndakutukai in advance.

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