Mujuru launches own coalition


NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru yesterday launched her coalition dubbed People’s Rainbow Coalition with three other parties ahead of the 2018 harmonised election.


Her other partners are the splinter People’s Democratic Party splinter group led by Lucia Matibenga, Zimbabweans United for Democracy Party led by Farai Mbira and the Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment leader Gilbert Dzikiti.

The coalition is a direct counter to the MDC Alliance led by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai which Mujuru and her partners refused to be part of over a litany of issues, chief among them its name.

This brings to three opposition coalitions for the 2018 elections, namely Coalition for Democrats (CODE), People’s Rainbow Coalition and MDC Alliance.

Speaker after speaker at the pre-launch ceremony held at Mujuru’s Rylance Farm in Borrowdale spoke glowingly of the former Vice-President’s character, saying she was the rightful candidate to topple President Robert Mugabe from power.

In a direct attack on the MDC Alliance, the speakers said it was prudent to use a different name altogether so as to avoid conflict of interest and swallowing of their identities.

Mujuru, who was kicked out of Zanu PF in 2015 for allegedly plotting to topple Mugabe, in her acceptance speech, said she was ready to lead.

“It is through this vision of oneness that I now humbly accept my nomination as the presidential candidate of the People’s Rainbow Coalition for the 2018 elections. It is the first time that a major political formation has nominated a woman for presidential candidacy in Zimbabwe,” Mujuru said.

“The responsibility that you have entrusted in me must see us through this historic moment of unprecedented crisis in our country. Let me express my greatest appreciation and humbleness to lead under the guidance of the wishes of the people.”

The NPP leader said she wanted to restore hope in the country while focusing on policies that promoted engagement.

Mujuru said Zimbabwe had witnessed a negation of the values of the armed struggle which they aspired to in order to become a truly free, prosperous and inclusive society where people’s dignity was restored.

“More than anything else, I want my candidacy to restore hope and bring opportunities in this age of desperation and cynicism,” she said.

“I want my candidacy to unify our country and our people. I also want my candidacy to renew our sense of purpose and to usher in a new era of inclusive economy, social progress and sustained development.”

Mujuru added: “As you may be aware, for quite some time our country has been blighted by a myriad of social, political and economic plagues that have shaken the very foundation of our democratic pillars for which a painful and protracted war had to be executed and won.”

She said focus now was on the current voter registration exercise.

Mujuru said they would urgently embark on a massive voter registration campaign targeting both local Zimbabweans and those in the Diaspora.

Both Dzikiti and Mbira, formerly with CODE, expressed confidence that their new coalition would give the country an alternative for the elections.

PDP secretary-general Gorden Moyo, who led the breakaway from Tendai Biti, said every seat in the coalition was vacant and the most popular candidate will be allowed to represent the grouping.

Moyo together with the current PDP faction leader Lucia Matibenga described their coalition as more genuine and representative of people’s needs.

The pair vehemently refused to join the MDC Alliance.


  1. How can a mere name creates a difference if the cause is to make people free?, Mujuru is showing her true colour, she is just a spoilLer. These people are just moneymakers they do not have people at hearty, there are there for positions AND nothing more.Time shall tell.

  2. Comment…Mujuru is after the zpf voters and not mdc-t hence wont split your vote but dilute/capture zpf’s vote

  3. Unbelievable. The opp front is divided in its coalition, Too many coalitions! These guys will never get into power unless they stop being selfish. Mujuru is now showing her bad colors, yet she is even politically smaller than Welshman “about 4% of votes in 2013”. Mujuru has nothing to offer so far, she has to prove herself first that she has the people/numbers because at the end of the day its numbers that matter. Now i even see the reason why Chamisa was against this idea of coalition since its birth. MDC must just get rid of this coalition and concentrate on election. hatidi vanozochema mangwana

  4. Small minds discuss people. We have severally warned Mujuru that there can never be power counterbalance and forming parallel alliances is only destined to benefit the common enemy. The greatest role for the opposition should be merging their votes as opposed to furthering personal ambitions. If only the opposition lay their cards right, they would entice many from the capsizing Zanu PF ship. Great minds discuss ideas. Scapegoating in trivial issues such as the name of the alliance is regrettably misplaced. We are how we talk.

  5. Itz Tsvangirai who refused to allow free coalition choices.By demanding to b the only one supposed to be at the top-which scared others away foreseeing an emerging another Mugabe like style autocratic tendencies.Carried on the day by the folly of another blind political fanaticism over personalities like what happened in Mugabe’s day until now.In a progressive & democratic dispensation,there is nothing special abt n individual

    • it is very complicated my friend because we dont know the contents of the coalition agreement, But do you think of any alliance without Tsvangson as the center of power? i don’t think it will come to be. this is simple my friend….the number of supporters in each part will determine it’s leader’s power in the coalition. You cannot come with nothing and lead the coalition, kana zvikadaro tese nesuo tinenge taakutodao ku leader coalition yacho iyoyo.

  6. Hahahahahaha, its all a dream kkk. Too many opposition parties to oppose one party. As long as the opposition is as divided as it is, it does not matter their numbers, they are divided, the Zanu Pf party will win. How many opposition parties are there? Who are they opposing? How many supporters do they have? And do they amount to enough populace to topple the party they intend to topple at the electioms?

  7. guys there is grt difference btwn resigning and being fired, that lady mujuru is truly zanu pf so beware she is wasting our time
    pasi nevanhu vakadaro, shes is confused plus haana support ft. never to be led by women

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