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Zpra Trust raps Sandi for ditching non-Zanu PF war veterans


ZPRA Veterans Trust chairman Lwazi Tsheza has rapped Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo for closing her office doors to war veterans opposed to President Robert Mugabe’s rule, saying the move was discriminatory and partisan.


Sandi-Moyo told delegates attending a Zanu PF provincial commissariat workshop in the city on Sunday that she recently turned away Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) Bulawayo chairperson, Cephas Ncube after he pleaded for assistance to host the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led executive.

“I get several requests from war veterans, who do not belong to Zanu PF, asking for all kinds of assistance, but I turn down those requests. I don’t lie to them that this office represents war veterans who belong to Zanu PF and not any other,” she said.

Tsheza had no kind words for Sandi-Moyo yesterday, saying she had not been helpful to most of his former Zpra colleagues and they have never bothered to ask for assistance.

“It is unfortunate that Sandi-Moyo is our Bulawayo provincial minister and now she designs a plan to only assist the war veterans she wants and sideline others,” Tsheza said.

“We were with her in Zambia and we went to the front with her. Declaring that she cannot help us because we do not belong to Zanu PF yet she knows that we fought and protected each other in the bush is really mischievous and careless.”

“She cannot ditch her close liberation war colleagues like that. She is a provincial minister for Bulawayo, not for Zanu PF and everyone is entitled to get help from her regardless of political affiliation,” Tsheza said.

“This is a democratic country and our Constitution is the best in the world, our rights are enshrined in it.

“She cannot be partisan when she is in that office. Why should we be all Zanu PF in a democratic country with multi-party system?”

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