Zodwa slams song ‘asking her to wear panties’

JOHANNESBURG — Zodwa Wabantu has hit back at the release of a song calling on her to put on underwear, claiming that she did not need musicians to sing about her because she was already famous.

The song, released by veteran singer and comedian, Pastor Mjosty, has been doing the rounds on social media.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE that she was made aware of the song when Mjosty sent her a WhatsApp message asking her to share it on her social media pages because it would make her “huge and famous”.

“I support him and gave him my blessing, but I have nothing to do with the song. I’m huge already and don’t need anyone to make me huge,” she said.

Zodwa slammed any calls for her to wear underwear and said she has no interest to even listen to the song.

“People mustn’t tell me how to live my life. I don’t care about the song. I don’t give a sh*t about the song but he must stop pulling my name into it. He must hustle on his own and not use my name for publicity,” she said.

— TshisaLIVE



  1. Aaaaaa, amai ava varamba kupfeka bhurugwa ava. Chete it’s a free country and that’s what being free means.There is no law against not wearing panties as long as there is no nudity so I support her on this one. Hatidi chiZanu chekuta kudzvanyirira vanhu zvenhando.

    1. Comment…I don’t think you know what you are talking about,why can’t you seek God,you will definitely know better.

    2. Tatenda you are idiotic and can not see that udzvanyiriri huri kuMuDhoSvo kwamunonamata kuvhotera munhu asingachagoni kutaura.

  2. Iiiii ndiyo afrcanism

  3. Tired of Zodwa stories.She is not news for not wearing panties hey Newsday.

  4. Kufandada if u come across the headlines about Zodwa why not jus jump to the next article are u forced to read about her. Some of us take these as the lighter side of the news.

    1. I would if the paper could spare us the offensive pictures

      1. This is a news daily and not a porn magazine

        1. Ndimi munoita kuti Zodwa aite mbiri Kufandada. Just ignore the stories and don’t comment!

  5. Nonsense Zodwa this Zodwa that yes that’s not the entertainment news we want to hear.Tell us more about Jays,Obediah Mathulana, Black umfolosi, Alick Macheso and many more.

    This Zodwa madness is a nuisance.

  6. Nhai Tatenda Zodwa neZanu zvabatana papi, show maturity Cde. Hakuna munhu angararame munyika isina mutemo yava mhuka here. Zodwa is good , also ZANU is good wamanikidzwa kusupota all these things

    1. Zanu haisi kudzvanyirira vanhu here? If you ar enlightened as u seem you are, tell me one law or a section of law that criminalises non wearing of panties.

  7. What are the advantahes and disadvantages of wearing a panty, i wonder.

  8. Commando ka1

  9. All this is not newsworthy, it’s just rubbish and evil.

  10. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    Newsday u are evil

  11. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    Iwe reporter kana usina nyaya enda uno kotsira , vana venyoka

    iwe , zodwadevil, na baba venyu satan . zvinotipei zvinyaya zve imbwa . Ndozvatakakuendesera kuchikoro here iwe foolish reporter ?

    AlmightyGod REBUKE THEE

  12. I think we have seen enough of her big/huge backside – don’t we have other more pressing matters to talk about? Like: Armaggedon Day for Zimbabwe is the 20th December 2017. It will happen at the bank queues.

  13. The bible does not state anything about wearing underwear, Adam and Eve where even nude so please don’t judge Zodwa. Uyo ati zanu yakanaka hatingamugone ndoomafungiro ake.

  14. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    It’s not about underwear , its about wickedness & dog life which is contrary to normalcy that is being promoted here .

    Don’t try defend this jezebel harlot ,

    1. What law in Zimbabwe criminalises non wearing of panties? What verse in the Bible requires wearing of panties?

  15. GumboreShumbaKaguvi

    In actual fact AlmightyGod hates

    the likes of zodwadevil, beyonces & fire upon all satanistluciferians to devil straight . Go down Sodom, fire judgement fire go whip all the enemies of Zion


  17. ohh yes am mai murungu in bindura,,, zodwa ndizvooo i support her 100% ndozvanoda kuita komarambinzwa nani chitojoinayi xaaaaaa

  18. zodwa must come to port Elizabeth as well we need you here with out underwear lol””’my number 0604313457 call me zodwa wabantu that the way of living do it mtase khaya

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