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Youth interface rallies done to soil Mnangagwa


If the truth be told, Zanu PF is in a crisis, a succession crisis with two of the most visible figures in the party the two Mugabes (President Robert Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace), contradicting each other in public on how the issue should be handled.

It is clear that the two have agreed that Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi should take over from Mugabe, but are not agreed on the strategy.

Grace is of the view that Mugabe should name his successor now and do everything in his power to make sure that the preferred successor gets the job, while Mugabe’s health still allows him to dictate things within the party.

Three times the two have differed in public on this issue. First, it was at a Zanu PF women’s league gathering in Harare; the second time was in Chinhoyi at a Zanu PF youth interface rally and lately in Bindura.

Grace insists that Mugabe has the right to name his successor and should do it now. On all occasions Mugabe would stand up and tell his audience that it is not possible to name a successor, it is against the party constitution.

Yes, the leader might have a preferred successor, but that preferred candidate must fight it out with those that might be interested in the post, this is according to Mugabe.

Mugabe’s strategy is to go out there, discredit Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, portraying him as an unfit, tribal and regional leader, supported only by two provinces, Masvingo and Midlands. This is being done through the so-called youth interface rallies.

Denouncing Mnangagwa in public, Mr President, your actions and your wife are just a shame and dangerous for Zimbabwe. Mr President, you are the wrong person to be talking of tribalism.
T Gutu

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