Woman dies in arson attack

A woman died when two men allegedly locked her in a hut before setting it alight.


The men disappeared after the act suspected to have been triggered by witchcraft allegations.

Matabeleland South police spokesman Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident he said occurred in the Mazunga area 60km north west of Beitbridge.

“An incident like that was reported in the area under Makhado Police,” he said without further details.

It is understood the woman from Maranda in Mwenezi was sitting with two other women in a hut when the men arrived and asked for her.

When she identified herself it is alleged the two men asked the other two to leave, briefly spoke to the deceased before locking her inside the hut they later ignited.

They disappeared after ensuring the house was completely engulfed giving her no chance to escape.


  1. There has got to be a way of preventing the spread of such customs.

  2. so someone saw them, right? how did they know they waited until the hut was fully engulfed? Surely someone in the community knows who these pple are! They must be brought to book. They must have escaped to Hillbrow but the law will catch up with them.

  3. It should be woman brutally murdered in arson attack. Hoping this will STOP soon. this terrorizes women, especially the elderly.

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