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You are wired to fly past your obstacles


By Steve Nyambe

A GOLDEN key can open any door, thunders one of the English proverbs. Life is littered with abundance to him who has the guts to face the impossible.

Today, we want to look at the captivating story of Monty Roberts.The student and love for horse ranching There was a young ambitious student in a certain village.

He had great love for horse ranching, his passion for horses was so much and inspiring that he would even go from farm to farm, ranch to ranch to train horses.

He loved horse ranching beyond measure, but because of his chosen path and drive, his schoolwork suffered terribly.
The assignment that kick started everything

So one day, he was given an assignment and after carrying out detailed research, he came up with what he thought to be a very good study and presented it to his teacher.

In the assignment, he had written about what he wanted to do when he grew up.

He had a seven-paged document describing his goal of someday owning a horse ranch.

He wrote about it in a great detail and even drew a diagram of a ranch, showing the location of buildings and the stables.
What a powerful vision.

No one can stop a person with a vision.

When the teacher got the papers, he went through this ambitious project proposal and a few days later he handed the papers back to the visionary Roberts with a poor mark on it.

The teacher had inscribed a bold F, meaning the young man had failed.

Let no one define failure for you puzzled by this disturbing result, Roberts asked the teacher why he had received an F, as he did not understand.

His little and tender mind could not comprehend what had happened.

So he explained that it was impossible, unrealistic and unreasonable for the student to achieve such a huge goal.
Owning a ranch required a fat pocket, yet Roberts was from a poor background.

Swim against the current

But here he was having a dream that needed a lot of resources to accomplish.

But there is something about people with a vision, those, who can see and perceive what others cannot.
Nothing can stop them nor block their way.

They can go around the mountain, over it or through it just to get to the other end.

All they are capable of doing is gunning for the impossible, their souls find delight in that.

They are fired from within.

They have fire burning inside with a zeal being felt outside.

No hindrance is enough to turn their boiling engine off.

The Kiyosaki telescope

Paying no attention to the teacher, he embarked on the Robert Kiyosaki’s focus route.
Kiyosaki defines focus as “following one course until success”.

Empowered by self-belief, the youthful Roberts took his papers to his father, who said nothing, as he could see his son’s mind was made up.

After this, an emboldened Roberts, went back to his teacher and said: “You can keep your F and I will keep my dream.”

Imagine such words from a minor.

Roberts was ready to roll.

His statement can only be said by those who know where their vision will land one day.

Remember all those who conquered fierce goals where at one time labelled insane during their infancy stages of their visions.

But they shrugged the label until their doubters had faith in them.

They doubted their doubts, until their doubts started doubting.

Interestingly, the best part of this powerful story is, later on in life, the teacher went to camp at Roberts’s ranch with some 30 students for a week.

After the camp, when the teacher was now leaving, he said in deep sincere regret: “Look, Monty, I can tell you this now.

When I was your school teacher, I was a dream stealer.

“During those years, I stole a lot of kids’ dreams. Fortunately, you had enough courage not to give up on yours.”

Such is life, when you listen to the wrong voices, you will one day find yourself living on the deep far end of your purpose and vision.

So ignore dream busters and align yourself with dream boosters.

It can be done. Be blessed.

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