War vets, Tshinga Dube face off

THE Christopher Mutsvangwa-led Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday threatened to approach the High Court today seeking an interdict order to stop War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube from convening an elective congress tomorrow to choose a new leadership for the association.


The meeting comes after Defence minister and Zanu PF secretary for war veterans Sydney Sekeramayi, last week called for the election of a new executive to replace Mutsvangwa’s team.

But ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya vowed to resist all efforts to boot them out of office.

“I was with our lawyer and we are filling an interdict to stop the so-called meeting by the ministry at the instigation of Dr G [First Lady Grace Mugabe] and the young politburo member, Kudzi [Kudzanayi Chipanga]. Filing will be done Monday [today],” he said.

Mahiya accused Grace and Chipanga of pushing Dube to dissolve the Mutsvangwa-led executive in defiance of a High Court order recognising them as bonafide leaders of the former liberation fighters association.

“The Executive powers taken by the First Lady are those being implemented against us now. We are saying how can we be forced to go into an elective congress?” Mahiya said.

“They don’t care if it is in line with the constitution. We condemn that G40 [Walter] Tapfumaneyi [war veterans permanent secretary] bootlicker who is trying to remove the Executive even in the face of a High Court order.”
But Tapfumaneyi insisted that tomorrow’s meeting would go ahead, adding that it was open to all war veterans who attended the Masvingo meeting of November 2014 which installed the Mutsvangwa executive into power, minus those who were expelled from the party.

“We, also as a ministry, have an executive mandate to organise and unify veterans of the liberation struggle so we have an interest when they are divided in any way or disorganised. It is entirely false that we are calling a congress,” he said.

“The meeting that we have called for this Tuesday is a brainstorming session to map the way forward on how to proceed with the directive to remove those who were expelled from the party and leadership of war veterans to make sure the war veterans remain united and organised without shaping themselves into an opposition movement.”

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  1. yes the party can tell only its war vets what to do, but they party cannot tell the national executive of war vets what to do, the national body belongs to allbody not zanu only. least we split again and again. the party needs to be careful in their overzealous

  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    One thing that people don’t realise is that government and party business have been personalised by Mugabe and his wife,hence Grace is pulling the strings even though he is not a state official.As the situation stands,every state official, bureaucratically or politically is serving at the pleasure of the First Family,though the constitution states otherwise.That court judgement as long as it does not please the First Lady is of no consequence.This is a naked violation of the entrenched clauses of constitutional provisions on the Bill of Rights.

  3. And is it a crime for the war vets to morph into an opposition grouping? Tapfumanei grow up

  4. Comment…This Tapfumaneyi guy is a confused human being, you talk of uniting war veterans at the same time you talk of excluding others, is that what you call unity. So to be recognised by your ministry as a war veteran one must be an active member of ZANU PF. You are a permanent secretary for permanent disorder, as long as you continue serving that ministry it becomes a ministry of total disaster. I know unenharo dzekuti unoziva zvose but waparadza gwara rema Cdes. Wadii kurega ivo ma Cdes acho to decide for themselves rather than you dictating on them on behalf of certain people. Ndiwe mutengesi mukuru chaiye , war vets are walloping in poverty and diseases , school fees dzevana vavo in areas whilst you are busy playing politics dzema politicians.

  5. Before you start commiserating with Mutsvangwa et al please ask them what happened to the Jabulani Sibanda executive? how did they end up in the excutive?

    1. Wapedza zvako iwe. I am no fan of G40 and its war vets under Chimene. But the stubborn thruth is that Mutsvangwa and his executive were beneficiaries of an equally unconstitutional removal of the terrorist Jabulani Sibanda and his executive.It is hypocrical to now cry fowl.

      1. Very difficult to find people of your thinking ilk i.e. Todyamarara and Bwedebwese!!!!

  6. Comment…The problem in our Gvt is that vanhu vari kudhotera basa are kept in their positions because of hero worshipping certain political factions , total collapse of the whole institution .

  7. What has being expelled from the party to do with being a war veteran. War veterans can belong to any party of their choice or not even belong. This Tapfumaneyi guy is deluded.

  8. I can see another Chimurenga. This one will pit freedom fighters versus ruling fighters..kkkkkkk

  9. i am seeing blood shed

  10. Mutsvangwa magetsi hapana zvavanomuita kkkkk haabatwe zvekumhanya

  11. The definiction and identification of a war veteran clearly does not lie in belonging to a given party. This is why all our national institutions have collapsed because there is no separation of entities between government, party, justice, patronage and hero worshiping, and good governance. They are all conflated and confused into one and the same thing.

  12. those who were expelled from Zanu cannot attend? So this is all about Zanu vets not war vets?

  13. Please udzai Grace ne team yake kuti hatidi hondo isu especially under these terrible conditions. She should have a heart of a human being. Vanhu varikutambura. Zvekudzinganisa vanhu from the party will not bring bread and butter muvanhu. Mweya rudzii ko unoregererwa kudaro. This behaviour is not acceptable yokungotuka vanhu watadzirweyi. Can you force people to like you. Peta muswe ugohomberwa.

  14. Chipangano chauya

    Senge isu vana vakazvarwa hondo yapera taneta nezvemawar vets izvi.these pipo got 50k when things were still good and did nun with da money infact they went on marrying spree,now vana vawanda hamuchagone kuchengeta makuchema chema tibvirei kumhepo.since 2000 tichida kubvisa mbavha idzi imi muchiponda vanhu vaida kuti iwe nevana vako vasiri kuenda kuchikoro nekubasa muite lyf irinani mairamba muchipihwa sugar muchinakirwa zvino nhasi hapana suger iya pane munyu makuti unovava isu since independent tichiirova makuti mavara azara ivhu tibvirei kumhepo.nzara nenhamo zvichakusvurai kusvika maenda kustate house kunobvisa munhu wamakaisa muri musango.vana venyu vanotoshuvira kuti dai musina kuenda kuhondo makaenda kutyoro zvaive nani.ndoinonzi mamelodi mamdowns iyi

  15. I have no sympathy for these so-called War Vets. Somebody says they are ‘wallowing in poverty’. How come and how dare they? Did they not get Demobilisation funds? Did they not get Z$50,000.00 and collapse the economy? Did they not get farms and collapse the economy for the second time? Are they not always beneficiaries of free inputs and tractors and what not? The same group wriggled itself to be recognised in the constitution. If they are poor its their fault. However, let them be decapitated by any means. They are a never ending burden to the generality of Zimbabweans.

  16. It’s unfortunate that today people easily denigrate on war veterans.one should understand what war is or was to these veterans,yes they fought to liberate the country and they belong in Zimbabwe,if I had said belong to one would think we can do as we please,no we can’t or shouldn’t,but remember the guys are now being played a divide and rule game,it’s high time veterans stand as a unity and take stock of what they want,fought for and what to do.they did the same to jabulani sibanda which I believe was wrong,let’s start from there.It’s so sad when we no longer respect our elders.My fellow beings war is no joke,others died surviving vets,some saw atrocities that some of us will never imagine.I feel we should find a level ground to accommodate everyone but not forgetting our history,changes are inevitable that’s the dynamics of life but as you change we don’t spit against the wind

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