War vets no pushovers, Mutsvangwa tells Sekeramayi

THE Zimbabwe National Liberations War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) has vowed to resist Zanu PF attempts to dissolve the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led executive, saying the ruling party had no legal grounds to dictate how the association was run.


Mutsvangwa yesterday scoffed at Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi’s Saturday order for an extra-ordinary ZNLWVA congress to appoint a new leadership despite a recent High Court ruling recognising the current executive as the only legitimate one.

“The ZNLWA executive will meet soon on this issue. As the law stands, (Defence minister) Sydney Sekeramayi, with his ‘ostrich head in the sand’ needs be reminded that he is outside of the law of the land, according to the Constitution of the republic.

We will not hesitate to enjoin him to the existing contempt of court ruling that was already rendered by the High Court,” Mutsvangwa said.

Addressing a rally on Saturday, Sekeramayi, who is secretary for war veterans in the Zanu PF politburo, said the party had agreed to dissolve the Mutsvangwa executive after its top leadership was expelled from the ruling party for openly campaigning for Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

The axed war veterans leaders, who include Mutsvangwa, his deputy, Headman Moyo, secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda and spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya have defied the expulsion order and vowed to resist takeover of the association by a splinter faction led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene.

Mutsvangwa yesterday dismissed Sekeramayi’s fresh election call as misguided and unconstitutional.

“The issue of holding an extraordinary elective congress of veterans association is not imminent and the association leadership are not cheap pushovers. Even the President knows and understands the rule of law. This association is a private organisation just like Zanu PF. It has its laws and regulations. Sekeramayi is the secretary for war veterans in the politburo, has no powers to decide over to the veterans association, but to advise. The leadership of this association will hold their congress in 2019, according to their constitution,” he said.

The ex-diplomat and Cabinet minister said the move to isolate the war veterans from Zanu PF will cost the party in 2018, adding they will campaign for anyone, but Mugabe and his team.

“Sekeramayi can go with his reviled G40, while ZNLWA goes with the people in 2018 elections. All other political figures are free to choose which side,” he said.

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  1. ..beware u a treading on thin ice Mr defence minister usaitiswe

  2. We were stunned to learn that Sekeramai is not a real doctor but is just a nurse. This was revealed by the acclaimed female panty thief Mustvangwa. Ayaz, these zanupf wars are providing us with quality entertainment these days kkkkk

  3. An old person like our president will always say the truth. He said it on Saturday and i quote, ‘ I do not want people to say i handpicked my wife. That was the truth and nothing else. In other words, he was saying there is another way of handpicking Amai to succeed him, thats is at the Zanu pf congress. everyone knows what happens at these congresses. the women’s league will through it weight on its boss, Amai. wait and see. tell me, who will openly say, Sydney,or Mnangangwa at the congress. but if anyone says Amai, not even one person will object. Its a pity Mnangagwa failed to execute his plan well. He took long to do it. His name is spoiled in Zanu pf cycles. The army has been silenced. very soon, the wars vets will be silenced. all these things are pointing to one thing, Amai to succeed the president. even the so called political analysts cant see the game plan. zimbabwe has the worst politics. the Hilters and Musolinis were even better. after all the concept of democracy was not birthed by then.

  4. You are lost Mutsvangwa ,soon you are going to be out of this one unless you from a War Vet party. Your boss VP Mnangagwa is busy fighting his own wars and cannot stand for you guys its a pity.

  5. Looks like Mutsvangwa is the only educated Zimbabwean and genuine war vet. He fought the war alone but was very stupid in appointing Gushungo leader instead taking it himself..

  6. The so called congress has no bearing on anything to do with changes in ZANU PF, Mugabe is the sole voice, hapana anoti pwee, vana Msika were the only people who were able to challenge his sole decisions , vamwe ava kwete, ma bottom lickers.

  7. Zimbabwe is now a wrestling ground… WE WILL WATCH AND PRAY

  8. C Moyo, you are spot on! The Congress is a well choreographed circus which will see the wife “elected”!

  9. With all the wars Zanu PF is simply progressing towards a natural death.The main disadvantage with ,”one centre of power” concept is when the centre cannot hold the circle,things fall apart.I am enjoying the biggest circus of the century.

    1. saka aidya mbambaira kujeri futi? mugabe achiridza gidi? mai dr grace hanzi ndivo vakawisa chopper kwete mujuru. Mazezuru aakuti tiri varungu saka varungu vavemazezuru varikurima?

  10. I think Jabulani Sibanda is about to make a surprise come-back.

  11. kutukana ndokuti chii? constructive ideas guyz, nyika ndeyedu

    1. kkkk work up

  12. C. Moyo hit the nail on the head. It might come sooner i.e during the next youth rally Ngwena may be booted out and next next VP from Mashonaland will be Amai. Watch the space.

  13. I am always amazed at what a waste Mutsvangwa’s (and other comrades of his ilk) life has been. With all your brains you were so myopic you tethered your future and outsourced it to a political party which is now run by a mafia in ways you never thought imaginable. Because your welfare has been in Zanu (RF)’s under-arm (they have a secretary for your welfare), it would have been more visionary if you had fought for a govt pension & provident fund so that any future govt would be bound to honor that. But you were so “clever” everyone else was “stupid” then, MDC were sell-outs, Zapu were sell-outs, Muzorewa and UANC were sellouts only Zanu (RF) was chiwororo. Now what. They will frustrate you by simply blackmailing Tshinga first, then look for any frivolous excuse to throw your lot endlessly into jail. and deny you bail. This will break you at some point. ED is basically finished, lack of guile and guts especially when you employ murderous tactics never worked. The best thing he could have done was just resign, but he even wanted to be authorised to do that kkkkk

  14. Sekeramayi studied first aid

  15. So next year there wont be bhora musango infact there wil be no match all together,things are Chinua Achebe now.come 2018 wanonoka

  16. Mnangagwa never did not fight any war beyond what we all did .I don’t see why he should. Be praised for sweeping Mugabe’s office in Maputo for less than 2 years! Taingo dya mbambaira tese Ku Zambia hapana kana chinoshamisa chaskaita. We are free to elect anybody even my Grace is eligible! Maybe her husband and Zhuwawo are yet to renounce their nationality and be naturalised. Grace ndewe Njanja!

  17. Comment…These so called useless war veterans are fighting their own war, don’t be fooled they are not fighting for the people they are egocentrics who have lost relevance.What they want to install after Mugabe is like say a zanu pf 2 party, they will be not different from the Mugabe regime in terms of governance.

    These people are cruel and heartless they say Mugabe neglected them, do you believe them? These destroyed the Zimbabwe economy, first of all they were given Z$50,000 package when our currency was very strong and they squandered all that money.They were put on pension,they went on a looting spree killing whites stealing their properties including cattle during the land reform era.After that they were given support from agribank to support their farming activities but looted everything and the bank went down on knees.As if that wasn’t enough they were sponsored by taxpayers’ money to kill and maim the electorate during elections in support of Mugabe and now this fool is saying, ‘We will be with the people’.Which people? Nonsense, you are on your own.

    Don’t be fooled by these charlatans they will never ever fight for your own freedom they are fighting for a war veterans government which they will be able to hold to ransom.They are fighting for the advancement of their interests, nothing more, nothing less.

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