Tsvangirai airlifted, battling for life in SA

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was early yesterday morning airlifted to South Africa on a life-support system after his health drastically deteriorated as he was attending an MDC Alliance strategic meeting in Kadoma on Thursday, NewsDay can exclusively reveal.


Highly-placed sources said Tsvangirai, who last year disclosed that he was fighting cancer of the colon, reportedly started vomiting after lunch resulting in him excusing himself from the meeting before heading back to Harare. His condition, according to high-level sources, deteriorated further.

The sources told NewsDay that his local medical doctor, Macdonald Alifazema, recommended that he be flown to South Africa for surgery as his condition had become dire.

Tsvangirai was reportedly airlifted around 2am on a chartered private jet to a medical facility in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The MDC-T leader, sources told NewsDay, was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth, Dr Alifazema and an anaesthetist nurse only identified as Muzavazi.

“He travelled on H.A.C Reg ZS – MBS at 0200hrs and was transported in an Ace ambulance from a local hospital before he was airlifted to South Africa,” NewsDay heard.

Alifazema is a Harare-based general practitioner, who was confirmed to be in South Africa by his office when NewsDay tried to make an appointment with him yesterday. He was expected back in Harare late yesterday evening.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka would neither deny nor confirm the development that could have a huge bearing on the negotiations for a grand coalition of opposition parties.

“Why should I be dignifying morbid speculation with a comment?” Tamborinyoka retorted.

MDC-T was reportedly yesterday being represented in the alliance talks by one of Tsvangirai’s deputies, Nelson Chamisa, who had initially travelled with Tsvangirai to Kadoma.

A source said other senior opposition parties leaders feared for Tsvangirai especially those that saw him before he was evacuated to the neighbouring country.

“He was on oxygen and drip and had been vomiting heavily. We are not sure what happened to him, but the situation is extremely bad and the president really needs our prayers,” the sources said.

The development has since put on hold meetings which he was supposed to hold with his other deputy Thokozani Khupe, chairman Lovemore Moyo and suspended organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe over disagreements over the formation of the MDC Alliance that Tsvangirai entered with several other opposition parties ahead of next year’s crunch elections.

Parties to the alliance have reportedly been demanding a clear succession plan in the event that Tsvangirai becomes indisposed or incapacitated due to his health ahead of crucial elections set for next year, a situation that seemed to have pushed the MDC-T into a corner.

Tsvangirai’s problems have been exacerbated by growing differences with Khupe over the pre-election pact. Khupe has argued the MDC-T was strong enough in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces to go it alone, but would need alliances in Mashonaland provinces.

Tsvangirai disclosed in June last year that he had cancer of the colon before undergoing successful treatment in South Africa.
In the aftermath of his public announcement about his battle with the condition, Tsvangirai shocked his party’s foundations and supporters by appointing Chamisa and former Harare mayor Elias Mudzuri as his deputies together with Khupe.

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  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Tsvangirai’s health is visibly failing.It bottles the mind why he should continuously strain his body under the circumstances when his health condition doesn’t permit. Tsvangirai should simply call it quits,his medical condition doesn’t allow this type of political itinerary.

    1. Nhai imi Va”CALL IT QUITS” , is that what you teach your children..” when things head South, just call it quits?????

    2. your mind is “botteled” for sure mgobhozi

      1. My mind is now boggled!

  2. Get well soon President

  3. soko pamahererero

    Get well soon Mr President we still need you

    1. lord Jesus,heal president Morgan Tsvangirai in Jesus Name,we need a divine healing right now in Jesus Name,l rebuke the sirit of death right now.let the dry bones live now

      1. Yes Lord , we pray that you will spare him , heal him and strengthen him and all his followers. They are all important in the peaceful process that needs to take place in Zimbabwe. Please Lord , we ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Did he eat ice cream from Byo ?

    1. Aaaah..

    2. Come on Prof. Mzvinavhu, that’s below the belt for a man of your intellectual stature!!!

    3. Comment…@mzvinavhu..do not stoop so low

    4. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Yes . My apology. Wishing Save speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Madam Khupe should be Acting MDC President, not Chamisa or Mudzuri . The name of the party should drop “T“in respect of Madam Khupe. In principle, the MDC leader should have been airlifted to Karanda Hospital as the MDC Alliance preaches.

      1. You are demented as your dear elderly statesmen. MDC has not created the mess in the country today and your way of justifying failure speaks volumes about your mental capacity or the lack thereof. Ordinary people are dying and your relatives included who could otherwise have lived to see more days but owing to the ineptitude of the current regime we are dying slowly while those hypocrites live the life while we wallow in squalor. Cde wake up and be real. Zanu pf has mastermided and supervised over the rot that we are in today. Stop your delusions of grandeur. Mugabe is abusing state resources for his own benefit.. Morgan is an ordinary person who does not abuse the public purse!! Stop your madness and mugabeism and defending the indefensible

  5. he has made his contribution to the history of this country. just that this history book is poorly punctuated and characterized by long, unending chapters, introductions and no conclusions.

  6. Tsvangirayi is the first democratic elected leader to be in government of Zimbabwe.Hope he gets well soon,on issues of succession we have Chamisa and Obert Gutu to head MDC_T not khuphe the sellout,she has sold out to Mujuru and her 2 aliance partners Abednico and Moyo.MDC _T will win the election come what may with all the rigging proceses.

  7. We still need him for the struggle at hand but I think he should give the reins to Chamisa he has the stamina to challenge ZanuPF judging by his positive participation in parliament, Tsvangirai can give guidance to the young man.

    1. My thoughts exactly. He should have an advisory role now.

    2. ivhukuvanhu chete chete

      Let him quickly recover…. And, help us to unlock the satanic, deleterious, ruinous economic sanctions imposed against our Motherland at his behest, after his party authored the sanctions law (ZIDERA) and begged the USA, UK, AND Europeans to enforce the same.
      He will go down the annals of history as the greatest traitor and quisling politician in modern politics.

  8. Get well soon.We love you back.Mr President

  9. Get well soon

  10. captain jimmy rojer

    muzita rashe unopora chete

  11. Comment…Get well soon Mr President we are at the our that we need u most. Our prayers are with u always. speedy recovery..AMEN.

  12. Tich Mukanya Munatsi

    Tsvangirai was delt with in that inclussive gvt.
    And right now, he is surrounded by Zanu agents right inside his party,and anything is so very possible.

    May the Lord’s healing hand be laid upon him

  13. Generation iyi yakare dai zvaibvira Mwari vamboibvisa yose pazvigaro nekuti hutano hwavo hahuchakodzera vose kuti varambe vari pazvigaro but wsh u speedy recovery Mr Tvangirai

  14. HEY “mr quit” why can’t you tell that your. president Mugabe to quit because he can’t even walk and think properly.

  15. get well very soon and get back to your country it needs u but don’t quit here in South Africa

  16. Comment…get well sooon president richard morgan tswangirai god bless this man

  17. Get well soon Mr President my advice is for you to rest and allow Chamisa to take it from there we appreciate yo immense contributions to our struggle

  18. khonasizakesibone

    perhaps its a call fron God that VP Khupe must lead us to the land of Canaan.

    1. She is a cancer survivor as well

  19. Ndadandaula kwambiri kuti Bambo Morgan adwala. Tipemphera kuti mulungu amuchiritse. Tipemphanso abale onse ku zim asunge bata ndi mtendere. Zikomo

  20. Comment…There is nothing wrong in Morgan considering quitting on the grounds of ill health same as Mugabe. Why should we subject this nation to a frail and incapable leadership in the face of our challenges. Are we that short of talent or successors? If he fails to fix issues surrounding succession what makes him different from the devil we know. A good leader plans well and grooms his/her successor. These man are all bankrupt of basic leadership ethos all the reason to think we need even a female president. I m not saying Gucci Grace but someone from industry and commerce. We need accountable people

    1. Ukarambira pachigaro God will remove you.its time

  21. President Tsvangirai we wish him quick recovery. The health system was distroyed by the old man called Mugabe. So talking of Karanda hospital is zero. Travelling all the way to Singapore shows how bad the situation is in Zimbabwe

  22. Our lord-the great god is not a bad one;he knows how to remove dead woods among pretending leaders .I think our nation will b greatly served by this removal of pretending dead woods,the nation will appreciate it,I think Mugabe will also soon b eliminated in the same natural way& new crop of leaders will eventually emerge.Our nation is tired of continual patronage by these well spent old horses. Thsz not withstanding our wish for Tsvangirai’s speedy recovery at personal level but we hope in a way our great god is doing our nation a good service & help by removing these clinging elements

  23. ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    Let him quickly recover…. And, help us to unlock the satanic, deleterious, ruinous economic sanctions imposed against our Motherland at his behest, after his party authored the sanctions law (ZIDERA) and begged the USA, UK, AND Europeans to enforce the same.
    He will go down the annals of history as the greatest traitor and quisling politician in modern politics.

  24. Comment…tamborinyoka shld be diplomatic and learn to answer questions or its just not in him. a presidential candidate must find an intelligent and calm spokesperson

  25. trivial but far reaching

    get well soon my president.

  26. Quick recovery Sir! Nonetheless, we are all mortal and should thus keep our houses in order. Who between demagogues- Mugabe and Tsvangirai has clearly paved their outright successor(s) in the event of the (un)likely? Its both selfish and inhuman to subject millions to unnecessary suffering as we go down with the country by leaving a lacuna as to who should automatically take the reigns of leadership when we are no more. The nation is more important than an individual.

  27. may God help our sickly politicians

  28. Tsvangirai & Mugabe-the two dead woods who always want to cling to power

  29. However, he seems better suited for teams that play a 4-3 front like Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Carolina or New Orleans.

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