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Throw despicable paedophiles behind bars


The National Assembly on Tuesday discussed the issue of children selling sex in Epworth, Mabvuku, Tafara and Dzivaresekwa, where it was felt the police were not doing enough to stop the vice.

For starters, this crime is being mischaracterised, as children cannot sell or consent to sex, but they are at the mercy of paedophile vultures, who are exploiting them and these people do not deserve to be walking around free.

Children need and deserve the protection of adults and should not be at the mercy of animals, who cannot control their lust.

It is time to call these paedophiles by their right name and maybe this will make the nation realise how bad their crimes are and maybe all of us can demand immediate action.

The nation was aghast when news filtered that a nine-year-old girl was being abused by adults and it is even more shocking that to this day, no arrests have been made regarding that case.

It is just unbelievable that there can be a paedophile ring that has caught up to 54 children, yet no arrests have been made or at least the nation is still waiting for an update.

There have been allegations that the non-governmental organisation that lifted the lid on this abuse may not have been ethical or was exploiting the children’s plight for financial gain, but this is neither here nor there and the priority should be putting the vile men implicated in these acts behind bars.

Parliamentarians revealed that the sordid acts of turning children into strippers is being carried out in public and we wonder why this issue took so long to reported if it was happening where everybody can see.

Yes, the nation has economic and political problems, but these should not be used as an excuse or a reason not to report such satanic acts.

This incident should have been enough to spur action and demand the arrest of the perpetrators, but very few stood up to highlight this obvious problem.

Where is our humanity and dignity if we can watch children being abused and do nothing about it?

Now that this issue has been discussed in Parliament, we hope the authorities shall deal with it with the urgency that it deserves.

It is not enough that the abused children are receiving counselling, as one day they will have to return to their neighbourhoods and they will meet with their abusers and relive the trauma.

Justice can only be served if these despicable paedophiles are behind bars.

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