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Tagarira drops debut DVD album


UPCOMING gospel artiste, Phebion Tagarira (pictured), has released his debut DVD album that contains six video songs, off his third album titled Zvedenga.



The DVD album was produced in South Africa, where the musician is based and has already hit the streets.

Tagarira, whose music has often been compared to that of Trymore Bande and Charles Charamba due to the similarity in their voices, said Zvedenga was meant to get gospel music fans to know him better.

“I am happy that the DVD album is out and that the gospel music fans now know the musician behind the songs that were being played on the radio. As a musician, I have released a DVD album so that I will help to explain the meaning of the songs through action,” he said.

“I am not worried about piracy, but the fact that the people were not aware of the real music triggered me to come up with this project.”

Tagarira’s DVD encourages people to desist from idol worship, but to seek God’s help.

“I am now working on my fourth album to be released next year. God has been on my side and I am confident that the second album will perform better than the first one,” he said.

Tagarira fell in love with worship music at a tender age and used to sing at Zaoga functions. He released his debut album, Mwari Wangu, in 2013 before adding another one, Tipe Kutenda, in 2015.

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