‘Sekeramayi destabilising war veterans’

DEFENCE minister Sydney Sekeramayi and War Veterans ministry permanent secretary, Asher Walter Tapfumaneyi have embarked on a campaign to destabilise the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA), court papers before the High Court claim.


This is contained in an urgent chamber application filed early this week by ZNLWVA chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, seeking an interdict order barring Sekeramayi and Tapfumaneyi from convening an elective congress to choose new leadership for the association.

“The applicant is administered by a national executive committee consisting of 12 members duly elected and appointed in terms of applicant’s constitution.

“Eligibility for leadership is not based on political affiliation of a member, but is open to any member of the applicant,” Mutsvangwa said in his application for an interdict order against the holding of an elective congress to elect a new executive for the association.

“In recent times, applicant has been subjected to undue political influence and manipulation in its activities and administration by Zanu PF.

“In the process, applicant has been made to appear as if it were an extension of Zanu PF and an exclusive domain of Zanu PF members.”

Mutsvangwa said ZNLWVA obtained an interdict against “some members of the applicant” (Mandi Chimene and George Mlala) from masquerading as the leaders of the association.

He said Sekeramayi, in his address to a Zanu PF youth league interface rally in Bindura two weeks ago, had indicated that the ZNLWVA was “inextricably entangled with Zanu PF and, thus, could not be led by its members who have been expelled”.

“Those targeted included myself (Mutsvangwa), Victor Matemadanda, Douglas Mahiya, Headman Moyo and (Francis) Nhando,” Mutsvangwa said.

“The purging process of expelling non-Zanu PF members from the applicant’s national leadership has been given a 90-day ultimatum.”

The former Cabinet minister and his colleagues were expelled from Zanu PF following the publication of a damning communiqué released by the war veterans in July 2016, where they described President Robert Mugabe, as a genocidal and manipulative leader, who had used foul means to retain power and rid the party of his political adversaries.

Matemadanda, Mahiya and Moyo were then dragged before the courts, charged with undermining Mugabe’s authority.

Mutsvangwa said Tapfumaneyi and Sekeramayi were acting against the law and had undermined his right to political affiliation, freedom of association and self-determination as enshrined in the Constitution.

“The imminence of the unlawful elective congress being pursued by the respondents as detailed, herein, has progressed from being merely apprehended by applicant to being a grim foreboded reality,” he said.

“If this meeting should proceed, applicant would degenerate into pandemonium and lawlessness. There is no other way to ensure that applicant’s constitution and proper lawful administration is preserved.

“It is this imminent scourge that has resulted in the need to bring this urgent application.”

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  1. Mutsvangwa haana musoro he thinks he is above everyone,he is a fool.

    1. Comment…iwe musoro unawo here ?

      1. Yes, Mutsvangwa haana musoro. He is just trying to further Team Lacoste and his interests. When he was in ZPF and his mouth fully ensconsed in the feed trough he was quite. He is now trying to drag all genuine war veterans with him to support his personal wars. NADA. Marujata or no Marujata the guy seems to be a super war vet and that is not the correct position!

        1. Concerned Citizen

          He is right,ZNLWVA is not an extension of ZANU PF period.You want him to further the interest of G40 so that you can say ane musoro….infact ZANU PF haina musoro to correct you….

  2. kana newe haunawo musoro like yo mother marujata respect rule of law the Court ruled in favour of Mutsvangwa bt because haadi kushandiswa u now say haana musoro. Voersek Chimu

    1. Everybody knows that the war vets are an appendage of ZANU PF. When they were committing heneious crimes against civilians since 2000, Mutsvangwa was quite. Now that he has been expelled from ZPF he now sees everything evil about the party – it’s cold out there! It’s just sour grapes and he is fighting in the corner of an equally cruel, corrupt and rogue faction – Team Lacoste. G40 or Lacoste, these share the same DNA of violence, ineptitude, corruption, plunder, brutality etc. Ngaatibvire kumhepo, ndezvake izvo!

      1. Chunga it clearly shows that you don’t think whatever Mutsvanga is saying is relevant mawar vets haangatongwe neparty because mawar vets its not zanupf yoga remember that. G40 taneta nayo, LACOSTE ndizvo. come December vamwe vachavukura voshaya zvabva nepi.

  3. It is said that “make hay while the sun shines”. Whilst all this fighting and bickering in zanu pf is taking place, why is the opposition alliance not doing anything to feather their shaky nest? Why are they not doing rallies left right and centre to wash away all the propaganda that zanu pf has planted into the electorate during the youth interface rallies? Check your influence vakomana, don’t just sit in your offices. Do your own bona-fide youth interface rallies.

    1. The opposition is backing the Zanu factions, their focus is on the 2023 poll.

  4. kana newevo hauna musoro. hausi kuzviona here kuti ma war vets vanotorwa se an affiliate ye Zanu.

  5. I think that Chimu is Tapfumaneyi himself, how can you say Mutsvangwa haana musoro, if you are a true war vet ndimi muri kusevenzeswa navana Tapfumaneyi/Sekeremayi/Mlala/Chimene kuita zve G40 muchipiwa mari apa mawarvets achitambura. As long as that Tapfumaneyi guy is at the helm of that ministry as its perm sec, it will never fulfill its mandate as a ministry for war vets, he is busy fighting political wars evening fighting his own minister since the time of Mutsvangwa as his boss, instead of clearing mari dzema sch fees nema medical bills zvema war vets he is busy fighting his myopic political agendas.

    1. True war veterans cannot use internet, nhema.

    2. Ko ivo mawar vet achine vana vari kuenda kuchikoro here or you now need financial support for your grand children? War vets were instrumental in the destruction of a vibrant agricultural sector which contributed significantly to the fiscus. Now after taking over the farms how much have you contributed to the fiscus since 2000 and where do you expect to get the money from to support your financial needs. Go back to the farm and be productive so that you stop complaining about handouts from the government.

  6. The war vets will never see peace in the mould of Tapfumaneyi and his handlers. Kudai kuchiri kuhondo kwacho waichekwa muromo uchinzi uri mutengesi, watengesa gwara rema Cdes, you are dividing the Cdes instead of uniting them.

  7. Tapfumaneyi hauna kumbosiyana na Jonathan Moyo asingadi ma Warvets.

  8. Tsododo you have a very good point but the problem is that we have a thoroughly compromised and clueless opposition. Completely useless. I dont know why they cant learn from the south african vibrant opposition

  9. the problem with these guy is that they only crying foul after being ditched during niece times they brutalized innocent people .now that they had been removed from the feeding trough they now pretend to be on the people’s side. they are hypocrites.if mutsvangwa is called to join zanu pf today anomhanya zvisakaonekwa.lets simply do good things to our people .this is the aspiration of all those who perished in the jungles and far away lands

  10. pamberi na mutsvangwa true war veteran the revolution has been hijacked by G40

  11. Now it is clear that the president is in a troubled situation looking at the two factions battling to control the war vets instead stirring up the economy. There is a scale which the president should balance.Corruption in the government is taking its tall,rallies are held to pull down others. So where are we going?No one would like to invest in such situation were former liberation fighters are treated like this in the land they fought for freedom is now turned against them to please a small group which is power hungry .

  12. mutsvangwa u are realy a brave soider.thax for being resolute on the direction that we sould face as the warveterans keep on figthing these uncivalised primitive tribalists.

  13. Jabulani Sibanda is the only brave man not all these mutswangwas. he celebrated when Jabulani Sibanda was being expelled ; today it’s you man. Be like Jabulani Sibanda and keep quiet. there is no bravery in Mustwanga he is just a coward like Mnangagwa.

  14. after the war in 1979 u were about 30k+ now u a 1m+ watch it

  15. Adini Mutsvangwa leave him alone, he is right

  16. mazimba takarara now mava kutukana mega yet the major problem is Zanu PF MAKAITA SEYI. what zimbabweans are good at arguing chabuda dhoo! Hee masouth African haana kufunda but they are far much better than us they will not tolerate nonsense sesu never.
    Pride yenhema isu mazimba 40years kutadza kubisa munhu one if you arrange rimwe ronotengesa.You turn to your back unoona wave wega cowards they run away always unstable.We all want to lead and to be above the next person thus why we cannot even support munhu atanga chiro. Even a lizard wants to lead the crocodiles shame. i stayed in south africa if they say no its a no and all will go for strike not us useless people kutengesana chete.

  17. You cannot even trust anyone tomorrow anochinja if given money all these war vets will dump mutswangwa and mahiya wait and see

  18. you are right. these cdes are after money. manje this time kunyura chete. it is cold outside Zanu Pf bvunzai MR D MUTASA naMkoma Nhamo Gumbo

  19. This Sekeramayi guy is naught especially after begging to bonk an ex-Brig wife and now he is being used by the First Family to rid off Mutsvangwa in exchange for a place in the succession race, what a character.

  20. Sekeramayi iduzvi. how can he expect to be our future president if he cant understand such simple things that ZNLWA is not an extension of ZANU. Anozoitasei akange ave pachigaro. Arikutungamidzwa mberi becoz vamwe havadi kuzvinyadzisa

  21. Sekeramayi has a task to fulfill from the old man. He must deal with the rogue war vets first if he succeed then he will automatically quality to be the next president. So these guys must be careful the guy is prepared to kill in order to secure his position.

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