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Redcliff sued for non-remitting workers’ funeral contributions


REDCLIFF Municipality has been taken to court over non-remittance of $200 300 worth of workers’ monthly contributions to a local funeral company, WAWUZ Redcliff Funeral Scheme.


The company filed summons against the local authority on September 18, claiming that despite demand, the council refused, neglected or failed to remit the amount.

In its declaration, WAWUZ Redcliff Funeral Scheme submitted that its core business was to provide funeral and burial services to its members.

“By mutual agreement, the plaintiff and the defendant entered into a check off system by which the defendant would deduct subscriptions from plaintiff’s members’ salaries and remit the same to the plaintiff,” the company submitted.

“Between October 31, 2009 and May 31, 2017, the defendant deducted a total of $262 454 from the plaintiff’s members’ salaries an amounts due to the plaintiff.

“During the same period, the defendant remitted only $62 119 to plaintiff.

“As a result, plaintiff’s operations have been crippled. The plaintiff has no other option serve to institute this action as defendant has failed, neglected and or refused to pay despite demand.”

The funeral scheme demanded the payment of interest from date of issuance of summons to date of final payment and costs of suit on a higher scale.

The local authority is yet to respond to the summons.

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