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Openly declare interest to succeed Mugabe: Youth pressure group


A ZANU PF-aligned youth economic empowerment pressure group has dared political heavyweights embroiled in factional fights to openly declare their interest to succeed President Robert Mugabe in order to quell unending feuds which are now a threat to national development.


Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Youth Action (Zeya) president James Pande also urged Mugabe to deal decisively with rampant corruption in his government.

“If we look at the current rallies by the President, the main topic is factionalism. So what we are saying is that those with interests must come out in the open and declare that they are after the hot seat. Leaders must be clear that they want this, not this hide and seek game, so such a scenario from one family becomes a dangerous game,” Pande said.

“We have issues that are coming up, issues to do with succession, these are the things that are killing everything in the country, the leaders are power hungry at the expense of the nation, especially the young people.”

Pande said even at the last provincial youth interface rally held in Bindura recently, the Zanu PF leader mentioned that factional fights in the ruling party were now rife.

“Because of these factions, even if you want to go to minister X’s office, you are going to be labelled that you belong to their faction, so it’s killing everything, at the end of the day there is no concentration on progress, concentration is on fighting,” he said.

Pande also said Mugabe was being lied to by corrupt ministers.

“So he should intervene and ask them why they are denying the youths land and the licences that the youths are asking for? There are liars, headlines are saying the President is being lied to and there is a lot of gossip, they are liars, we are the ones on the ground,” he said.

Pande said it was time that those leaders found on the wrong side of the law were arrested.

“I am not saying the entire government, but there are a few individuals that have been mentioned and some have pending cases, we are saying action must be taken at this moment. I can’t give you names at this moment, but we will go to their offices when we are demonstrating,” he said.

However, Zanu PF national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said Zeya was not part of the ruling party structures.

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