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AMHVoices: Nothing to show for Chiadzwa diamonds


Chiadzwa diamond mining is now history. The people of Zimbabwe are the real owners of this wealth, but we have never benefited.

By Pardon Makunike,Our Reader

Only the death, harassment and dog bites on our kinsmen was the price we paid for the selfish enrichment of mining firms.

The victims had seen how few people were getting rich out of our natural resources that must be shared equally among the sons and daughters of the soil and those victims could not stand that.

Truly, there is no glory in trespassing in the Chiadzwa fields.

The Marange diamond fields were said to be one of the most lucrative in the world yet people living in the vicinity were suffering from food shortages and other economic problems.

To talk of poverty in a diamond-rich country is an oxymoron.

The community has nothing to show to this day for its natural endowment.

Even those in government are failing to explain what actually took place with the diamond firms in Marange.

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