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Music has power to change people’s lives – Matshilele


Seventh Day Adventist acapella group, Firm Faith Zimbabwe’s music director Marshal Matshilele, said musicians are playing a pivotal role in the society, as music has the power to change people’s lives.


Seventh Day Adventist acapella group Firm Faith Zimbabwe
Seventh Day Adventist acapella group Firm Faith Zimbabwe

Matshilele made the remarks in his address at their annual concert held on Saturday at the New Ambassador Hotel in Harare adding that as Firm Faith Zimbabwe they are committed to continue composing music laden with messages that bring hope to the people.

“Music is our calling and we will keep on doing it as I believe we were called to sing for the nation, bring hope to the people and ultimately change lives. Our message is there to empower and uplift people spiritually. Our music is not only restricted to the Adventists, but to all the music lovers as we sing for the nation and the world at large,” he said.

“We are happy that the concert attracted people from different walks of life, who even picked songs for us to perform, which means our message is getting to the people and we are happy for such a cause.”

Matshilele said they are happy with the response their recently released 12-track album Whispers of Hope is getting, adding that it gives them courage to keep on working hard to as they spread the word of God through music.

“Our latest album Whispers of Hope has been received and the response we get from listeners of our music is evidence that we are transforming lives. We get requests from different people and that encourages us to keep working hard,” he said.

Whispers of Hope is a fusion of old and new hymns. The album has Ndebele, Shona, Zulu and English songs. Tracks on the album include Little is Much When God Is In It, Baba Ndiri Mwana Wenyu, Whispering Hope, One Day Jesus Will Call My Name,Wawanirwa Nyasha and If We Never Meet Again.

As a way of talking the album to the people, Matshilele said they would soon embark on international tours under the theme Whispering Hope to the World.

The group managed to attract a full house at the concert, where they were supported by other Adventist groups Gleams and Reunion.

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