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Mujuru hails Matabeleland for standing firm against Zanu PF


NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) leader, Joice Mujuru (pictured) has hailed the people of Matabeleland for standing firm against Zanu PF’s misrule and demanding devolution of power.


Addressing party members at a capacity building workshop in Bulawayo yesterday, Mujuru said devolution was one of the NPP’s core values.

“Devolution is one of our core values in our constitution as NPP,” she said.

“We thank Matabeleland for mobilising around devolution of power from Harare to the provinces.

“All the people, throughout Zimbabwe, are on the periphery and suffering but either did not have the courage or wisdom to call for devolution of power, but Matabeleland became spokespersons of the fear-stricken masses throughout Zimbabwe.”

Although the national Constitution provides for devolution of power, the government has been reluctant to implement it, citing financial challenges and arguing that it was a Western model of governance.

Mujuru described people from Matabeleland as heroes and heroines of the struggle against domination of the masses by the ruling elite.

“All corners, all tribes, all people, suffered and died during the struggle, and continue to suffer because a few people are monopolising power and resources,” she said.

“Devolution is there in the national Constitution, but is not being implemented.

“This is because of people who don’t want equality and fairness.

“NPP is here to stop that.

“What the people fought for must be delivered.

“Whatever takes place in Uzumba Maramba-Pfungwe must happen in Lupane, and vice versa, by locals.

“We want to tell Zanu PF here today that they have derailed and must stop their train.

“NPP is mobiling to win power next year and correct all that.”

The former Vice-President challenged the government to engage locals to spearhead development projects in their respective areas and avoid scenarios where people from other regions were deployed to Matabeleland.

“Let us capacitate our communities without sidelining them,” she said in apparent reference to the Lupane saga, where locals are resisting the appointment of outsiders to the local authority.

NPP is holding workshops in all provinces to capacitate national, provincial, constituency and ward leaders.

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