Mujuru, Biti, Dabengwa form own coalition

THE Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu and the National People’s Party (NPP) led by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday unveiled a coalition pact to challenge Zanu PF in Matabeleland in the 2018 elections.


The Zapu, NPP and PDP leadership said they would not contest each other for any parliamentary seats in Matabeleland, before noting that “doors were still open” for a broader coalition with other opposition parties, raising fears that the MDC Alliance, which was announced recently, could have hit turbulence.

The three parties said they would “look for a common name” that brings them together, while also setting up several committees to spearhead their election campaigns ahead of the 2018 general elections.

PDP secretary-general, Gorden Moyo denied his involvement in yesterday’s coalition launch, signalling growing cracks in the Biti-led political party over differences in joining the MDC Alliance.

Moyo said PDP never signed the MDC Alliance pact.

“The PDP has not signed any deal called the MDC Alliance. Biti attended the launch, but to give solidarity speeches,” he said when asked by journalists whether the party’s involvement in the coalition would result in a split.

The MDC Alliance has left the MDC-T on the verge of another split, with leader Morgan Tsvangirai at odds with his deputy Thokozani Khupe, chairperson Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe.

The three were last month allegedly assaulted by MDC-T youths for refusing to embrace the MDC Alliance.

“We have been talking together (NPP, Zapu and PDP). The process of convergence is by nature protracted, political convergence takes time.

“As we speak, my colleagues told you we have been meeting, not for voter registration, but for elections,” Moyo said.
“We are not closing any doors for any grand alliance. We are working together.

“We are finalising our terms of working together. So, whether we are going to have a broader coalition at some point, it does not depend on us alone . . . we are engaging everyone, which is social movements, churches and women.”

NPP deputy president, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said the region needed an independent coalition to boot out Zanu PF from Matabeleland, adding negotiations were also ongoing in other regions with other opposition parties to ensure a clean sweep in the elections.

“These parties are working together now,” he said.

“We believe that not only in national politics, but in the region, the three parties must work together, support each other, carry each other, share notes and by supporting each other, I am talking about not competing against each other in this region.

“You will never find NPP contesting where Zapu is contesting and vice-versa.

“This leadership is working together to also come up with a common name.

“You will never see us saying we are Zapu Alliance, NPP Alliance or PDP Alliance, but we will contest this coming election as a bloc.”

Zapu secretary-general, Strike Mnkandla weighed in, saying the coalition sought to represent the interests of Matabeleland.

“This is a process to ensure that we eventually get a single and uncontested vote in this region . . . the interests of this region will not be second to any other and we shall not accept second place to anybody.

“This region should not be taken for granted. We will participate in national politics, but we will not be second best,” he said.

However, it seems the latest developments have not gone down well with PDP leader, Biti, who tweeted that the impasse on a coalition was being caused by tribalism.

“The late and great Masipula Sithole used to argue that tribalism was a tool of elites,” he said on microblogging site Twitter. “Current impasse on unity talks proves this.”

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  1. We are living in a democratic society so no problem with this development.

  2. As long as you guys don’t want to come to TSVANGIRAI then you make it possible for the current regime to remain in power…..much as we all know that Tsvangirai is not your best friend but don’t you think he is a better devil than zanupf? Going it separate ways from Tsvangirai is a blessing to zanupf and so please manhlebezulu lets unite for once to kick this evil out once and for all

    1. Tswangirayi is dying my friend, besides he is not the answer to any electoral problems in Zimbabwe, in fact he is one of the bigger obstacles to progress the main reason there will be voter apathy and zanu continuing their misrule next year

  3. People are against a unity accord similiar to ZANU(PF) and ZAPU to form ZANU(PF) which is tantamount to the former swallowing the latter but the problem arises on the presidential candidate.

  4. stop wasting people s time.that coalition will not win a single city in that region.there are two political parties in zimbabwe,mdc t and the opposition zanu pf.

  5. Stop daydreaming, mdc-t was formed as an opposition party and not ruling party. Those who formed mdc-t want to maintain the status quo.

  6. These guys should stop advancing selfish interests and unit with Tsvangirai for purpose for once in life. Tsvangirai remains the face of opposition parties in the history of zimbabwe and everyone knows that, all these other coalitions will not yield any results but will just give zanupf an upper hand i next year election.Unite for a purpose and all these other issues will be sorted ,what is important now is to have zanupf out once AND FOR ALL.

  7. hameno ikoko

  8. tsvangirai akatofoira handei opposition

  9. is anyone really supposed to believe people like mujuru could all of a sudden be champions for democratic change having been complicit in the downfall of the country.she has claimed she was powerless to do anything about the atrocities in the 80s even though she was in government;the token gesture to relinquish the farm she and her husband seized from a white farmer;who do these people think they are fooling.

  10. awu! Samuel Siphepha Nkomo is deputy president as well. amaNdebele azahlala engabasekeli nje

  11. This is exactly why Zanu Pf will remain in power these small opposition parties are obsolute with no support base yet thy want to confuse the voters yet again it might be giving Zanu too much credit but I believe these are all plots by the party to make sure there is no challenge

  12. 0+0+0+0*1+0+0+0+0-2*0=0 we still have one good zero

  13. This is the most stupid thing ever seen.You are not going to win anything so what is your aim.Zanu PF is the opposition in Matebeleland…MDC is the ruling party,divert your energy in mobilising people to go and vote

  14. Tsvangirai must only resign to give space for n fresh thought to emerge-which is not tainted,proper& with charismatic support, strong enough to defeat Mugabe

  15. In their dreamland and with their defeatist ideologies, these people, in pursuit of their lost cause, presumably, are talking of sucession of Matebeleland lest national politics is a big shoe for them. The 2018 election is a two-horse race between Zanu PF and MDC alliance. True leadership entails dedicated and credible devotees but not a nest of mice that can hardly stand the scent of a cat. Nonetheless, dreaming is not a crime the world over.

  16. * Secession of Matebeleland I meant.

  17. munya tsvangirai is dying but mdc t is not dying,kufa kwehosi ino siya imwe.the death of him is not the end of the world.

  18. We all know that all the people who are writing against morgen are CIOs. We dont care what you. Nobody is immortal. Even if Morgen dies today he has annointed Chamisa to take over. One day God shall free us from Egypt.

  19. Is Biti a learned person? What does he smoke? Papaya leaves? Joining hands with fake opposition.

  20. Munya you are dying sooner together with the Pharoh. You will not see Canan.

  21. Kkkkkkk Biti my man. You leave your camp so that you will be embraced back home in a prodigal son fashion in the name of coalition talks?

  22. Vote For Nkosana Moyo
    The peoples Man
    We work for all Zimbabweans not just party members

  23. Hayewawo tunana biti tunozuveiko…..

  24. The problem of Zimbabwe is not only Zanu Pf ,but a greedy opposition that splits votes.Right now Zanu Pf is already sounding vhuvhuzelas all the way to the bank.

  25. KKKKK Hapana chinobuda apa.

  26. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Fellow country man RG Mugabe is not at Prophet or Mathematician as far as I know but a visionary like it or not he said no matter how many ZEROS you add you will never get 1 as an answer. The opposition parties are proving him right. They now want to divide this beautiful nation on tribal or regional bases, what is that? ZANU PF sure ichatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga, that was from one of the best Son Of The Soil also another visionary.

  27. People of Matabeleland. i think it’s right time you should stop this nonsense, every political part formed wants to come and have your support. It doesn’t make sense for all the political parties to go and field candidates in areas we all know they are dominated by MDC-T. We all know Matebe is not a Zanu-PF strong hold, so why wasting all your energy competing against each other. Vanamai Mujuru, you can’t even conduct a single rally in your own backyard and you still want to make us believe that you can bring a change in Zimbabwe. It all goes to show that no one has the interest of the majority except jostling for positions that will enable you to fill your pocket. You will never beat Zanu-PF with sick minded people like you. As long you are not united as a front, the dreams of removing Zanu-PF from power will surely remain dreams.



  30. Is it too much to ask for Zimbabweans to come together for the common good and defeat this parasitic regime? It seems people in this country have their own self interests at heart and the country’s future and best interests are secondary. We are a country heading nowhere and that doesn’t bode well for the future.

  31. yes but will only win in matebeleland but not sufficient to take power. what is needed is a coalition that takes power. So this attitude that we need a coalition here and not there will not result in the removal of znpf. Most the NPP pDP and Zapu are just power hungry leaders who think that being a war vet is the ticket to rule zim

  32. All these small opposition parties are wasting their time . Biti, Mujuru and Dabengwa are all confused people. Today we want coalition with Tsvangirai tommorow no we are forming ours.SAVE tinovada even vachirwara, look ZANU PF is rushing to see him . It means everyone in Zimbabwe wants Tsvangirai. Those with eyes to see have seen it. MDC T woyeeeeee

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