Mugabe, Grace tear into Mnangagwa

President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace yesterday took turns to slam Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his allies, accusing them of being disloyal to the party and lying that there is no factionalism in the Midlands province.

BY Stephen Chadenga/Blessed Mhlanga

Grace, who took to the stage before thousands of Zanu PF supporters at Mkoba open space, said she was not confident that Zanu PF senior officials in the province were telling the truth when they said there were no divisions in the party along factional lines.

“When the President officially opened the information centre in town [Gweru Old Post Office building] comrades [Jason] Machaya, July Moyo and others assured him that they were loyal to the party,” she said.

“When you say there is no factionalism, I hope you are telling the truth because we [First Family] have been denigrated here [Midlands province].

“I hope you are telling the truth and you can’t convince us today unless you are saying you have changed this hour and day.”

The First Lady said it was regrettable that people who fan factionalism in the Midlands province wanted Mugabe to regret ever recruiting and working with Mnangagwa as his deputy. ads Ads

She quoted different biblical verses referring to her husband as the “prophet Gabriel”, who was sent to deliver sovereignty to many African nations.

Grace said her family was God-fearing and wanted peace.

She went further to subtly attack Mnangagwa, who is accused of attempting to oust Mugabe from power.
“You have to be loved by the entirety of Zimbabwe. Don’t think that if you are loved by a certain clique of people or a section of society you can be President,” the First Lady said.

“No that is not it, you can’t. This is not a job that you can just apply and get.”

Grace said Mugabe was still loved by the people and would continue ruling until he was tired and that is when a successor would be chosen.

“He is still our President as long as the people want him,” she said.

“If he is tired he has a mouth he will say I am tired and then he will ask us to choose a person who will take over,” she said.

Mugabe, who took to the podium after his wife, said there was one leader in the ruling party and anyone who was against that was free to leave the party.

He accused Mnangagwa’s followers of being misled into towing factional lines in the party warning they risked being history, as other big political figures, who were fired from the party.

“We are saying Machaya, [Midlands Zanu PF deputy chairman, Mckenzie] Ncube and July [Moyo] you have experience in the party we came from,” Mugabe said.

“Don’t be fooled to denigrate us as leaders of the party.”

He said those with different ideologies were free to leave the party because they were not different from opposition leaders such as MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai.

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  1. Robert Gabriel Matuzvili

    is it now Mugabe PF or zanu pf? whats this thing about first first this, first family that? get away mhani. pple died for this country not just one family! to hell.

    1. unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei? Kamhuri aka kanotosarendesa.
      Its not upto Mugabe ALONE to say “okay enough is enough.” Can someone please tell Grace that he was chosen and not appointed!! That bible nonsense…forget.

  2. We Zimbabweans have been fooled , this country is not for the so called first family mhani. Please go an rest hamuchadiwa. Kumanikidza vanhu kumarally enyu. Go go please. First family yani isu tinorarama toga hatidhli sadza kumba kwenyu.

    1. Grace thinks we survive on Bob’s grace. She is ignorant of the fact that Zimbabwe as we have it today is just a construction of colonialism and in fact means NOTHING to collective histrory if we stretch it to the beginnings of mankind, bantu migrations etc.

  3. can a people whose ideological difference is only the idea to push bob aside and takeover the looting reigns ever leave zanupf?no.they have skeletons in their cupboard and leaving zanupf will expose them to the metaphoric cold out there.they are criminals who risk blackmail if ever they leave.they will stay to grumble and still vote mugabe and prolong his reign.even if mugabe annoints chatunga against constitutional dictates they wont raise a voice just to avoid the deadly blackmail

  4. Fisrt family yauraya nyika hey zvakutobhowa kunzwa kuti first family .

  5. African politics is rote with directionless pretenders. Until we have strong, respected constitutions, separation of powers, rule of law and respect for citizens we remain in the dark ages for centuries to come.

  6. This is 1st country in the world where they talk about 1st family. People must talk about party governement or president. Tiri kutongwa ne mhuri yese here. Pamberi ne midlands titungamirirei imi varume ve midlands ndimi varume chete

    1. Yes. Resistance please!

  7. Grace must talk of a crime she committed in South Africa and only escaped by tricks& manipulations;not succession.All people have rights to aspire to b presidents;open congress is needed at zanu pf where all contestants are allowed to freely campaign for the presidency of the party& then we will see if Mugabe will remain.The gospel of free choice shld b preached in zanu pf in a thorougher way if at all Grace’s claims are to b proved.No one shld leave the party for n different ideology as Mugabe claimed;but all people shld only accept majority decisions, at all fora in the party & learn to abide or live with them even if they don’t like them. Thisz not Mugabe party as claimed above

  8. Midlands is united, it has no factions. They all want and support Ngwena.

    1. lol. Even the opposition supports Ngwena against Mnangagwa.

  9. ngwena ndizvo

  10. Taneta pliz!

  11. Listen Grace, listen very attentively. To be the current Zim president, does not mean people loves you, NO! Its rigging. You rig and the next thing you do is telling the entire world that, Zim pple loves you, thats why you won. YOU HAVE TO RIG TO STAY IN POWER. TYPICAL OF AFRICAN LEADERS.

  12. Mugabe agara anga asingaite ! Hezvo mavaqkurumwa nechekuchera.

    You wasted time fighting with Zvobgo instead of teaming up to fight Mugabe.
    Better kutorasa mbereko coz its to late.

  13. Its high time Grace and Robert be told that, Zim is not their private company. WE ARE REALLY SICK AND TIRED, INFACT, WE HATE YOU!!!

  14. Regai tione kuti mucharamba .jchitaura here vaMugabe vaenda. Tombodzokera pa verse yedhongi rajesu iya or south sudan moshara moga

  15. mugabe is the president of zimbabwe and contrary to what his wife said that the leader must be loved by all people, why is that we have other MPs from other political parties. That alone shows that Mugabe is not loved by all people. Saka vanhu ikozvino vanoda Mnangagwa kuti avevo president full stop. Grace can say what ever she wants or dream, Mnangagwa ndiye anodiwa wit the majority of people some in zanu pf and those from other parties. Ko iye Grace wacho anomuda here Mnangagwa since she is in ZANU PF?

    1. bvunza tinzwe kk

  16. Who are the people who still love Mugabe, it is only his family, you are forcing him on the people. Factionalism is everywhere because of your clinging to power. Grace speaks toilet.

  17. Power hungry Grace ,shame on you!

  18. Martin Shayawabaya

    Please disGrace stop imposing yourself on us loyalty is not forced please the majority of Zimbabweans are sick and tired of this first family thing

  19. Marujata doesn’t waste time,she is at it again.When ever your open your loose mouth Gire,you vomit trash.You are so full of hatred.It is as clear as daylight that your old and equally loose mouthed husband ii now a favourite of you and those that are busy looting the economy whilst the old and senile Matibili is dozing.Robert Junior and Chatunga ,if you ask for their honest opinion will tell you that they will rather vote for Tsvangirayi for president rather than their old and clueless father.The reason why there is factionalism in the zanu pf mafia party is because most people want the old dictator out and the brainless and unsophisticated wife keeps on shoving the wrinkled grandpa down the people’s throats.Only those that are stealing from the state with impunity and committing heinous crimes against the citizens will continue propping up a 93 year old grandpa for presidency BUT IT IS NOW JUST A MATTER OF TIME! A very short time is left.

  20. Another 5 years under Grace’s rule vanhu vanosvika pakudyanana chaipo.Yes I mean five more years nyika irimumaoko ebenzi ,tinomuguta.Honestly speaking ladies and gentlemen,change is good for everyone including war veterans and all the crocs,because a victory for ZANU Pf next year spells disaster for everyone including the big Croc himself.And That will be the end of the road for attack dogs like Chiwenga and Mayor.

    1. Bob hakabve panyanga zvekumhanya lol. Look, even Ngwena tried to be very very cunning and diplomatic about it. No chance. Hakabve.

  21. Political bigotry! In this day and age, we have to tolerate and embrace political and ideological divergence. Party policies must take a national bearing as opposed to a ‘personal’ outlook. Lets refrain from politics of influence.

  22. Ko how far nenyaya yeKwese any ideas ladies and gentlemen of the jury

    1. Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri

      Kwese iri kunyikirwa mapepa nekuti pane vari kuda kudya uyezve hazviite kusunungura masaisai takatarisana na2018 (sarudzo).

  23. Would Mugabe and Marufu family members please control this woman. It is a fact that she is the 1st Lady, but she must not fool herself and claim to be our mother. Maybe amai ve ZPF, but even in that party she has not earned the honour of being called a mother. Compare the respect of Josh who earned the title Father Zim and this woman who want to force herself to be our mother. You arrested Kuruneri for building a house in SA – WHY IS THIS WOMAN SCOT FREE – when she has houses all over. Will a life style exonerate her. with our exchange controls this lady imbavha. She must be in jail. So many countries are demanding her to be in jail – thats her place. Baba vakura vave kungoti chese “ehunde mhamha”. If she insults people in politics she must accept similar responses. If you speak of corruption, expect a frank answer back, if you speak of prostitution or small houses – expect a similar response. All these issues point TO HER ie extravagance, madness, kushata moyo, kuhura, kuba, kutadza kurera vana, humbimbindoga, forging of certificates, fake degrees, hutsinye etc

  24. Hendei tese tinovhotera vaMugabe 2018 , sezvatakaita 2013, hatidi vanhu vanoramba President wavo ndimi makazvitanga uye makbvuma. So lets continue guys, no one should disembark from this ship. I beg! After Mugabe , topinza Grace.

  25. these mother fuckers have destroyed the nation

    chero maCIO haachada

  26. we are tired of grace and husband. get away

  27. mnangagwa vote for the president.thank yu

  28. Encourage people to register to vote, it pains though that this so called first family has destroyed this country. Encourage people to register to vote and try all means to enlighten them and vote for change…thats the only possible way to silence Marujata and his sekuru….lets send them packing in 2018

  29. The French monarch would have been spared the 1789 Revolution had it not been for the Queen, Marie Antonneite. We should embrace Grace as God-given because she is an invaluable catalyst for change……

  30. Jonathan once said He will destroy the party from inside….doing a great job….He made these two enemies now , they where once inseparable…kkkk

    ZANU PF TO HELL…….do feel sorry for anyone.

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