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Mono dares worship musicians


TOP music producer, Clive “Mono” Mukundu (pictured) on Saturday challenged worship teams to professionalise their music by perfecting and developing their skills.



Speaking on the fundamentals of music during a music seminar held under the theme, Key to Excellence at Music Crossroads in Harare, Mono said many churches were purchasing bad instruments, thus, hindering the production process of their music.

“Most churches send people who know nothing about music to buy musical equipment and as a result they buy bad instruments, which ruin musicians’ efforts to perform at their best,” he said.

“Churches also need to buy monitors and back lines so that musicians and singers will hear themselves on stage, as 90% of Zimbabwean churches do not have monitors and back lines.”

The seminar, whose aim is to equip worship music teams with requisite skills, was hosted by Afro-jazz musician, Dudu Manhenga.

Mono said some gospel musicians where hindered from fully expressing themselves by the “strict” and “prison-like” environment in which some churches operated.

The trailblazing producer said gospel musicians needed to go beyond prayer by engaging in diligent practice and rehearsals to perfect their skills.

“Excellence comes through practice and rehearsals. Practice is when an individual musician perfects their skills and rehearsal is when you practise as a group. Prayer will not make you good, but practice will,” Mono said.

“The reason church bands are not as tight as secular music bands is because the latter meet regularly, while church bands meet once a week, so more time is needed for practice.”

He encouraged music worship teams to carry out auditions and incorporate talented people.

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