Mawarire denies subversion charge

#ThisFlag movement leader, Evan Mawarire yesterday stuck to his guns, saying the charge of attempting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s government levelled against him did not constitute any offence.


Mawarire made the remarks when he appeared before High Court judge, Justice Priscilla Chigumba for trial on a subversion charge.

The cleric, who was in police custody when he appeared in court, was again forced to make a fresh bail application, through his lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, after his initial bail was revoked by the court by operations of law.

Chigumba eventually released Mawarire on similar previous bail conditions, adding that he must not commit a similar offence while on bail for which if arrested, his bail would be forfeited to the State.

However, Mawarire yesterday remained in custody following his Sunday arrest on a different charge, for which he is to appear at the magistrates’ court today.

In his defence, Mawarire said the particulars of the main charge of attempting to overthrow Mugabe’s government could not stick because the Constitution allows him freedom of speech.

“There is no allegation that whether inside or outside Zimbabwe, he (Mawarire) organised or set up or advanced, urged or suggested the organisation or setting-up of any group or body with a view that the group or body overthrows the government by unconstitutional means,” his lawyer said.

“There is no suggestion in the State papers that he had put in place a group to take over or attempt to take over the government by unconstitutional means or usurp the functions of government.

“There are no allegations that he attempted to coerce the government in the strict sense of the legal definition of the word.”

Chief law officer, Chris Mutangadura opened the State’s case by calling Detective Chief Inspector Edmore Runganga, who told the court that he arrested Mawarire after viewing the video footage in which the cleric was captured encouraging Zimbabweans to shut down the country and revolt against Mugabe’s government.
The trial continues today.



  1. Denies subversion charges but agreed to having seen the fuel queues.

  2. Wasting time on side shows when the economy is in the doldrums. They continue to use the same silly tactics to intimidate people instead of delivering the bread and butter that the people want desperately.

  3. wasting court’s time when people want food on the table.ndiani asiri kuziva kuti economy yafa. vanhu vonzi nyaararai chete. GOD IS FOR US ALL

  4. I am beginning to think that Mawarire is being used by zanu pf to divert people’s attention whenever the situation in the country gets worse or when the failed zanu pf regime wants to test the people’s temper.Why i say so is because when he came back from USA,he was as cool as a cucumber waiting to act when the regime appeared to be heading for a crisis.I may be wrong by the fact that he thinks zanu pf can be removed without joining hands with other opposition parties boggles my mind.He recently announced his desire to contest in the presidential elections thereby splitting the opposition votes because with the movie that he is starring in,he will definitely take some a significant number of some gullible opposition voters and the zanu pf mafia party will be smiling all the way to victory.His paycheck will be waiting for him for a job well done.Can somebody explain to me why he is not siding with any opposition party when he really knows that he cannot win the presidential elections by himself come rain come thunder.To split the votes offcourse!

  5. janana wabikaz wotaura chokwadi chinoendesa kudenga mufesi uyu sei asiri kumarketer oppositon mdc t manje airasa tikumuona

  6. @Jana Please get your facts right before you come to a public forum like this one. To begin with Mawarire has not announced any intentions to contest the presidential elections. Its people like you who read misleading newspaper headlines only and then claim to know everything. He has actually urged the opposition to put their house in order and rally behind one candidate. But if there is not enough inspiration from the current opposition leadership then it is his democratic right to step and give the people of Zimbabwe a choice. Its curious that your favourites have been losing elections to a clueless old man since time immemorial and now you want to use Mawarire as a scapegoat. Local opposition leaders have let us down in a big way over the years, and if a vibrant alternative emerges, it is good for Zimbabwe and only regime apologists will feel threatened.

  7. Mawarire is pushing issues that affect us all. Saying no to corruption which sees sons of the first family spending millions on cars and lavish lifestyles while the rest of us wallow in poverty. Saying no to bond notes and all the policies that hinder investment and economic growth. Not to mention his efforts to mobilise citizens across the political divide to speak with one voice and confront the regime peacefully. How that helps the Mugabe regime only Janana knows. Then again Janana is from the school of thought that says anything anti-govermnent that does not emanate from the red camp is not genuine and he is wrong.

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