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Mangudya, resign over failed bond notes


The current cash crisis affecting the nation calls for new proper strategies to be put in place.

It is rather too shameful to still hear Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya still telling us about having hope in him.

If my memory serves me right, I remember Mangudya telling the nation that if bond notes fails to work he will resign.

Now that the bond notes have dismally failed, is Mangudya going to resign?

Many people are now spending more time in bank queues only to withdraw $10 bond notes and most times they go home

These are the signs of failure, Mr Governor. Don’t you think it’s now the time to fulfil what you once said to the people?

We know you won’t resign. The next thing we are very sure you will do now is recalling all the bond notes in circulation giving the impression that you will be trying to put things in order, which strategy will not work at all.

Please just resign.


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