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Magunje ritual murder suspects apply for bail


The two Magunje men, who were arrested last month after allegedly beheading a woman with a view to use her head for ritual purposes, have now approached the High Court seeking to be granted bail, a month after allegedly committing the offence.


Isaac Mashonga (20) of Mashonga village, Chief Dandawa, and Robert Tichareva (46) of Munyuki village, also under the same chief, said they were suitable candidates for bail and as such, must be released pending trial.

The matter is yet to be heard.

According to the court papers, Tichareva operates and owns RT Giant Investments at Zvipani business centre
Allegations against the two men are that sometime in July this year, they hatched a plan to kill Mashonga’s sister, Dadirai, whose head would be used by Tichareva to boost his business.

Tichareva allegedly promised Mashonga $4 000 for his sister’s head.

On July 14, 2017, it is alleged Isaac broke and entered into Dadirai’s bedroom armed with a kitchen knife, an axe and an adze, and bludgeoned his sister to death in her sleep.

After killing his sibling, Mashonga allegedly cut off her head, placed it in his bag and left the room’s door partially opened before throwing the murder weapons into a disused blair toilet within the homestead.

The State alleges he then went to Zvipani business centre to meet Tichareva, but the latter instructed him, through a cell phone call, to place the head in his unregistered Toyota Camry, which had broken down and was parked behind his shops.
Later, Tichareva allegedly instructed Mashonga to remove the head from the vehicle and hide it in a nearby bush about 80 metres from his shops.

On the same day at around 6am, Dadirai’s mother arrived home from church and discovered her daughter’s headless body and alerted her husband, Champion Mashonga, who was asleep at the time.

The two alerted other villagers of the incident and they went to report the matter to the police.

Mashonga’s luck ran out on the same day and was arrested by members of the public, who suspected him of having committed the crime due to the blood-stained clothes he was wearing.

Upon his arrest, Mashonga implicated Tichareva as the brains behind the killing and the latter was also arrested.
During investigations, police recovered mobile phones which the two had been using while executing the murder.

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