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Let us redeem childhood


The family unit was created to nurture and protect children and give them sound life foundations.

By Kilton Moyo

The family was created to train children, groom and mature them into adults with the capacity to please God and carry out all the necessary duties that come with adulthood.

However, you will not blame me for bluntly saying children have been betrayed.

It appears that we are perpetuating a cycle of robbery and thuggery when it comes to dealing with our offspring.

Those who were robbed of their childhood have gone on to rob their own children of their childhood and this cycle of fraud has continued over generations.

I ask myself, who shall stop this robbery?

I think the answer lies with you and I and all of us who are still confessing normalcy in a lunatic world.

When shall this world allow children to be children?

Childhood is a stage of innocence, fun, wild dreaming, trust and loving.

This is the sweetest stage in human growth, but see how the world has violated it and robbed it of all its God-given innocence.

More than 200 million children live and work on the streets, these are children whose families, one way or the other, have failed to be a unit and have allowed themselves to break down under the yoke of world pressures.

Many excuses are given for these, but these are young lives lost.

They are never consulted on their dreams but are victims of their parents’ choices and failures.

How I wish, as parents, we would understand the impact of our choices on our children.

I once worked for four years with these children on the streets and I know what I am talking about.

Most reasons given for why they were on the streets were just excuses.

We have, in this generation, parents who are emotionally wrecked and a danger to society.

More than 100 million children live as displaced people and refugees in many nations.

Their parents and homes were destroyed at the altar of political greed. Again the children have nothing to do with the politics of madness engulfing the world.

Have you ever thought of how the children in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and others feel or think?

Why are they suffering the way they are doing?

Who is benefiting from the shame of these innocent children? How many of these children are forced to engage in sex work across the world?

Millions are trafficked worldwide and sold into brothels, to quench demonic passions of inhuman adults.

Many labour as slaves in farms and in houses of the rich, who are supposed to be protecting them.

You wonder how many are initiated into witchcraft, sorcery, occultism and other evils that humanity enjoys as a culture.

I always struggle with how normal people would take the manners of demons and make them their culture.

That beats all logic. Beloved, violence, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, rape, occult and many others are not human cultures, but the nature of demons.

These have nothing to do with humanity.

We are supposed to be a civilised society, which can tell between good and bad.

I do not, therefore, understand why, such a learned and civilised generation can be this cruel to its children; selling them to greedy old men and calling it marriage.

Sacrificing them so one can make some money and claim to be rich.

Raping them in the dumbest belief that we can be cured of whatever ailments.

Throwing them into pit latrines because we do not want them, leading me to ask why such people conceived in the first place.

Aborting them and killing them even before they can fulfil their dreams. It shocks me how we can be this cruel.

As a community let us come back to our senses

Did you know that all these afflictions and evils we do against our children are an indication we are not in the right state of our minds?

We are supposed to be having the mind of Christ in us.

That mind thinks love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and not brutality.

Evil mindsets do not come from our nature as humanity, but from a fallen demonic nature we adopted as our culture when we were away from the presence of God.

But now we need to come back to our senses and have good, pure, true, noble and excellent thoughts towards one another.

May this generation be better than this. At least, if you find it hard to think like Christ, think like learned people. Be civilised and respect children.

Children depend entirely on our understanding and love as adults.

As a community may we clean up our mess

The breakdown of the family under whatever circumstances is our mess and we are the people who can clean it.

The family unit needs help.

We just need to realise we are off track and then find courage to challenge ourselves and clean it.

Our children need and deserve better than this.

It is terrible parenting that gives children vipers when they need fish.

Let us walk in love

One reason why the world is so cruel is because we have lost our ability to love.

Human culture is about love, while demonic culture is about violence, stinginess, manipulation and carelessness.

Love for one another will clean up our streets, it will shut the brothels in our cities, it will alleviate the dehumanising poverty we see in the world, it will send every child and orphan to school and commit to their upkeep, it will destroy human trafficking and slavery and it will value childhood and human dignity.

We cannot live this human life without walking in love or it will become hell on earth.

The foundation and soul of human life is love, unconditional love. When a community chooses to walk in love, it walks in life.
It releases greater authority that no demonic power can withstand. Love is an authority that the forces of hell cannot resist or defeat.

If only we could love one another. To give back childhood its innocence and freedom, rebuild the family.

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