Khupe, Chamisa fight over seat

MDC-T vice-presidents Thokozani Khupe and Nelson Chamisa reportedly fought over their sitting arrangement in Parliament on Tuesday, as the factional squabbles in the opposition party took a comical and farcical turn.


On Tuesday, the two reportedly had an ugly spat in Parliament, as they fought over a seat, before the party’s third vice-president, Elias Mudzuri, intervened and cooled down the tempers.

“Khupe, as leader of opposition in Parliament, arrived a bit late and found Chamisa sitting in her ‘place’,” a source revealed.
“The normal procedure is all MPs are supposed to give Khupe the space she needs so she can sit in her usual position, but on Tuesday, Chamisa flatly refused to move.

“There was a harsh exchange of words and Chamisa was heard saying ‘I will not be forced to respect anyone. I am not moving’.
“A sulking and visibly-angry Khupe then retreated to chairs normally reserved for chief whips.”

Another source, who witnessed the drama, said: “Mudzuri later pleaded with Khupe to take her rightful position after Chamisa had briefly walked out of the House.”

Chamisa professed ignorance of the incident, but was quick to point out that Khupe did not have a seat reserved specifically for her.

“I am not aware of that. That is petty and it is being driven by people, who want to major in minors,” he said.

“If anything, the front benches are reserved for opposition leaders, not the leader of the opposition in Parliament.”

Khupe was not available for comment yesterday.

Mudzuri confirmed the incident.

“I got there when it had already happened,” he narrated. “I felt that people can have differences, but need to respect parliamentary decorum.

“I just asked her (Khupe) to take her rightful position.

“Some of us are not worried about where we sit really.”

Khupe has served as MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s deputy for more than 11 years and was re-elected to the position at the 2014 MDC-T congress, while Chamisa and Mudzuri were later appointed as deputies by Tsvangirai after he disclosed he was battling with cancer of the colon.

Tsvangirai’s health took a nosedive early this month during a meeting of principals of the opposition coalition, MDC Alliance, in Kadoma and was airlifted to South Africa for medical attention.

Khupe, who of late has been at loggerheads with Tsvangirai over the party’s involvement in the MDC Alliance, immediately took over as “acting president”, amid reports that Chamisa had positioned himself to succeed the former Prime Minister in the event that he gets indisposed due to ill health.

“She actually spoke to Tsvangirai this week,” another source said.

Khupe had not spoken to Tsvangirai since she was harassed by rogue party youth last month.

Chamisa is now accused of trying to unseat Tsvangirai by whipping up public sentiment over his health.

Impeccable sources within the MDC-T told NewsDay there was an elaborate plan by top officials in the party opposed to Chamisa, to drive a wedge between Tsvangirai and his youthful deputy.

“Tsvangirai is being briefed daily by top officials, who are advising him to clip Chamisa’s wings upon his return. Some have even suggested that he be dumped from the post,” the source said.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, however, denied reports that the party’s top leadership was fighting over Tsvangirai’s post.

“Our leader is Morgan Tsvangirai and he is in fact the MDC Alliance presidential candidate for 2018. Tsvangirai is our best foot forward, he is charismatic and he carries with him massive and breathtaking popular appeal. No other politician in Zimbabwe can match Tsvangirai’s stature.

“We have got three vice-presidents and only one president. There’s absolutely no turbulence in the cockpit. If anything, our party is on a roll,” Gutu said.

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  1. A seat really?? thats petty and pathetic. but what can we expect. surely our future is domed, there is chaos in the ruling ship and mo childish chaos in the opposition ship again. our only hope is GOD not these power hungry bigots.

    1. Obert Gutu thinks Morgan Tsvangirai is charismatic. I am not an expert in the Queen’s language but as sure as the sun rises, Tsvangirayi is very far from being charismatic. It’s these kinds of views that has made him lead the MDC-T for 20 years without investing in another to take over from him. Anyway, my own personal view is that Mudzuri should take over. He is not as power hungry as the other two.

      1. Your views regardjng Mudzuri’s appeal as a possible successor explains why you have no appreciation of the word charisma. In politics, charisma carries it all, and Mudzuri is not to be named in that respect. Kukuudza nechishona cha amai, kuti charisma zvinoreva chipo chekungokwanisa kuita chinhu zvinoita kuti ufaririke, ugamuchirike nevanoda zviri muchipo ichocho.

    2. Don’t follow this media blindly my dear. They don’t usually write it as it happened but as they feel it selling or as it should have happened so that it would sell to their target market.

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    khupe elected vp and leader of opposition in parly. chamisa defeated sg at congress. accidentally kicked upstairs by tsvangirayi after beng elected by party cadres at congress. be democratic and shun tribalism. give khupe her rightful place in the mdc-t. chamisa lost the 2013 by picking the likes of zanu’s eric knight and ezra sibanda as mdc candidates. pasi naye chitova iyeyu.

  3. The Second Coming

    nerve shattering and mind boggling. How can a sane person strips his dignity in public by fighting for a mere sit? How then the gravity of the fight will be if it will be a post? Shameless sluts

  4. Biti once did it in Mozambique when he refused to vacate a Presidential suit for Morgan Richad Tsvangirai during a SADC outing , so its not new in MDC no wonder why there are not fit to lead this country as there see glamour in stupid things like seats and hotels rooms probably to make babies.

  5. Comment…Chamisa is young, vibrant and is more marketable to the electorate against an ageing Mugabe, Khupe is like Tsvangirai suffering from breast cancer but Mudzuri gives a more mature sober option to Chamisa’s childish antics. Icho!

    1. Chamisa was not elected in the congress and how will he be marketable when his own club did not vote him in but airlifted to this lofty position and he becomes aloof what about if he were to be a president, it boggles me.

    2. Only marketable to fools, what has that little boy acheived, what is an example of his leadership capability, None whatsoever

  6. on second thoughts zanu will win clean this time, with this kind of childlessness!!!!

  7. Fighting for a sit is very normal. People can actually fight for 5 cents or dohwe chairo. Vamwe takakura tichizviita kwataifudza mombe. Kuchikoro chaiko vana vanogwira pekugara or chair chaiyo. Saka izvi hazvishamisi zviri normal. This shows that Chamisa and Khupe are normal human beings.

  8. Just Vote For APA…..

    Dr nkosana moyo is the real Deal

  9. There is everything wrong with this Khuipe character, I totally dislike her


    zanu just need to clean up certain things in their camp like curb corruption, encourage transparency remove complacent leaders, tinenge tisina opposition muno isu heard biti as sucked out nezuro from his party.

  11. Mudzuri is the real president!

  12. Ticking time bomb! The ambiguity engulfing the VP post needs urgent redress as there can never be power counterbalance. Besides selfishness, what is the reason behind the creation of many VPs’ posts whose roles are conflicting? Tsvangirai should revisit this impasse lest he creates a crisis that may sink his party in the political abyss in the event he is no more. We are all mortal.

  13. Comment…stupid chamisa you must respect makhuphe awu

  14. Someone is creating all this,Also Newsday has never been kind to MDC.

    1. No Changamire! Newsday calls a spade a spade no political bias so that people vote for the better devil. God will raise us a Moses, watch the space!

    2. pamberi naChamisa

  15. Tsvangirai must crack the whip. The current ambiguity engulfing the VP post may create a sucession crisis once Tsvangirai is not in the political scene as there can never be power counterbalance. One substantive VP who can automatically assume office in such circumstances is enough. All factors equal, we are all mortal and should thus keep our houses in order.

  16. Its not about a seat but about protocol. Our parliament is based on British etiquette and therefore it is basic that leader of the opposition has an identified.
    Chamisa must have known it better.

  17. The boy likes power zvinoshamisa and it raises suspicions. Munhui anoda kukwana pese pese. Is it true that among the three vips he does not know who is Senior.If he is not sure ngaanyatsobvunza Munangagwa kuti among the two( naMboko) ndiani Mukuru.In any event it is known kuti who is the leader of the opposition in the house.

  18. Meanwhile the country burns, a lot of bills and statutory instruments that need updating sit there gathering dust, while honourables engage in kindergatten stuff

  19. Comment…”I can’t be forced to respect anyone ” . Actually Chamisa doesn’t want to respect Khupe because she is a Ndebele woman. Every right thinking person knows that Khupe is more sinior than him. She was elected and has always been elected while Chamisa was appointed after he was beaten hands down by Mwonzora. How can you say “anyone” to your acting president. Its not only undermining her but Tsvangirai himself

  20. Chamisa is getting too big for his boots. For an un-elected person his conduct is stupid and I lay the blame squarely on Morgan. Zanu will win hands down and they do not even have to try and rig. MdcT should have a new leader long ago but alas Morgan is no different from Bob.Sad sad sad

    1. Ko Tsvangirai atadzei iye achizama kudhambisa mombe asi dzovata mundima. Better blame the person apiwa mukana akavozhera.

  21. There’s no time for these shenanigans. Elections are around the corner and unity of purpose is what should be promoted and focused upon. Petty issues like seats should not even grab our attention let alone make headlines for crying out load.

  22. True, Gutu seems a little maniac to ever say Tsvangirai is n charismatic person;had it been he could have defeated Mugabe many years ago;but alas he didn’t bec he is not.If you would like, see what Chiluba did in Zambia-all & sundry including thoze in rural zambia voted for him at once;there was no talk of, even level plane field;which was not even there but only people’s sheer love of Chiluba & he stood for.True our Moses will come,definitely god will do it; to deliver Mugabe to the dustbin of politics. Tsvangirai is just a useless beggar desperately clinging like Mugabe-when everything is clear will achieve nothing

  23. Tsvangira will achieve nothing even despite the clamour by few Tsvangirians

  24. Chamisa is going to form his own MDC splinter group called MDC C. He is better off on his own than reporting to Khupe. This country is not yet ready for a she president. Call me a sexist but that is a fact. What else does Khupe has to offer besides sexuality? Chamisa is the right candidate, all he has to do is wait for Mugabe to vacate the ZANU PF seat coz noone can stand against the veteran Zim president.

  25. Shame on MDC why revealing dirty linen on public graduates on that instance, hazvina hunhu

  26. Chipangano chauya

    newsday wants Nkosana moyo to rule we know it once zanu is gone yo paper will follow

  27. This Chamisa boy is just a nuisance, we are going no way, too big headed, I will never vote for him. Thats my opinion

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