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Kasukuwere clips town clerks’ wings


LOCAL Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has banned town clerks in various cities and towns from attending workshops outside their jurisdiction as government moves in to stop the plunder of public resources by council bosses.


Kasukuwere announced the directive after it emerged that town clerks were using workshops and seminars to siphon council funds through allowances.

“In fact, let this be a directive, Cde PS (permanent secretary), write to all town clerks that no one is allowed to leave their stations more than twice a month for whatever workshop or capacity building. It is very bad. They are taking money through travelling and subsistence (T&S) allowances,” Kasukuwere said.

“We have a case of Chitungwiza where an individual got $130 000 in T&S for the whole year, which simply means that monthly they have been collecting close to $12 000 from travelling. This is unacceptable. We must stop this rot.”

Residents have complained of unabated travelling by senior officials and the huge amounts they have been draining from the public funds that were way above the level of service delivery.

Kasukuwere said if it occurs that a town clerk has been invited more than twice within a month to any workshop, a director within the local authority must attend on behalf of the town clerk.

“On foreign trips, we must restrict those to at least one in three months. What we have witnessed is a trend where town clerks spend most of the time attending workshops. You hear, this week they are in Kadoma, tomorrow they are in Kariba, the day after in Bulawayo, busy travelling and taking huge T&S, it must come to an end,” Kasukuwere said.

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