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Historians to grace Mzilikazi memorial


PREPARATIONS for the annual commemoration of the late King Mzilikazi Khumalo slatted for tomorrow at the kingdom’s capital Mhlahlandlela are at an advance stage.


Organisers of the event have lined up historians to lecture citizens on kingship.

Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Association organising secretary, Nhlanhla Khumalo yesterday said the preparations were nearing completion.

“We will be teaching each other the history of the Ndebele kingdom and how kings are installed, because we have noticed that people are getting lost as they take this issue for politics,” Khumalo said.

“The king is born and is not voted for. People must come in their numbers to learn more about the kingship. We will have historians, who will educate people on the kingship, so that people are not swayed by some criminal elements to the wrong side.”

The development comes at a time the Khumalos are embroiled in a wrangle over who should be appointed Ndebele king with three Khumalos vying for the throne.

Khumalo invited even those whom he said are lost, so that they get proper teaching about the kingdom.

King Lobengula
King Lobengula

“We also have received some delegates from South Africa and we are yet to get more of those traditional leaders,” Khumalo said.

“We expect to slaughter five to six cattle which have since been pledged by some people.

“We are still asking for more from those who are willing to contribute because this is everyone’s event. We are not fighting anyone, people are free to attend and contribute towards the event.

Even political parties are allowed to attend, but there will be no politicking at the vent.”

On the day, the event will start by a march from Mzilikazi Post Office at 8:30am to the City Hall car park, where people will be taken by vehicles to Mhlahlandlela for the celebrations.

King Mzilikazi was born the son of Matshobana near Mkuze, Zululand in 1790 in South Africa.

In 1823, he crossed the Limpopo River during the Umfecane after having a fall-out with Zulu King Tshaka and finally settled in Matabeleland in the 1830s, establishing his capital at Mhlahlandlela.

King Mzilikazi died on September 5, 1868 and was buried in a cave at the Matopo Hills.

King Lobengula took over the reigns and since his disappearance after a battle of his army with the colonial soldiers in 1893, his wife Lozikeyi took over and the Ndebele kingdom collapsed after her death.

As the urge to revive the kingdom started, initially Peter Zwide Kalanga Khumalo was touted as the heir apparent to the throne.
Recently, Stanley Raphael Khumalo emerged, declaring himself as King Mzilikazi II.

A few weeks later the Khumalo clan announced that they have identified Bulelani Khumalo, who is based in South Africa as the heir to the throne sparking yet another dispute from the other Khumalos who are rejecting the declaration.

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