Grace spills beans on succession

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe could have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, when she revealed that when President Robert Mugabe (pictured) was taken ill and had diarrhoea for two weeks, he called for Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, a revelation that is likely to shake the political scene, as this could imply he is the preferred successor.


President R.G.Mugabe
President R.G.Mugabe

Grace revealed this at a Zanu PF rally in Bindura on Saturday, as she sought to trash claims that Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was poisoned, pointing out that falling ill was to be expected.

Without giving dates and specific details of the incident, Grace claimed Mugabe suffered a bout of diarrhoea after visiting Senate President Edna Madzongwe’s home to pay his condolences following the death of her husband, Forbes.

It is not clear why Mugabe preferred to call Sekeramayi at that time, although incidentally he is a doctor – something former War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa has said is untrue.

But for observers enamoured with Mugabe’s succession, this could be a sign to where Mugabe is leaning towards in the succession race, as at a low point the President called on Sekeramayi either as a doctor or confidante, which could put him ahead of the pack in the succession race.

Political analysts yesterday described Grace’s remarks as a clear pointer to Mugabe’s preferred successor.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure said from Grace’s statement and developments taking place in Zanu PF, it was clear that Sekeramayi was the First Family’s preferred successor.

“From an analytical point of view, Sekeramayi seems to be the preferred candidate by the First Family, not the First Lady alone,” he said.

“It seems the media has not been focusing on him largely because of his media-shy attitude.

“So, I think the First Lady is telling Zanu PF masses that here is the preferred successor if anything was to happen. They are just selling the name of their choice in a very intelligent manner.”

Former Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, said Mugabe always had a soft spot for Sekeramayi.

“I can’t really tell the head or tail of what she was trying to say, but I know the President for long had a soft spot for Sekeramayi,” he said.

“But, as you know, he is also a medical doctor, he could have been summoned to attend to him on medical grounds or to tell him something.”

Until quite recently, Sekeramayi was a presidential dark horse, with Mnangagwa touted as Mugabe’s heir apparent. The 93-year-old Zanu PF leader has, however, refused to be pushed to name a successor, arguing that the decision has to be made at the ruling party’s congress.

Sekeramayi’s name was thrown into the Zanu PF succession ring by Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo at a public meeting in June this year.

Grace went on to attack Mnangagwa for remaining tight-lipped and failing to rein in his supposed allies, who continued to peddle claims that the Vice-President was taken ill last month after eating ice-cream from the First Family’s Gushungo Dairies.

Mnangagwa last month suffered severe diarrhoea at a Zanu PF rally in Gwanda and had to be airlifted to South Africa for medical attention, with his allies claiming he had been poisoned in an assassination attempt.

He later issued a statement denying reports that he had been poisoned by the First Family, but the Mugabes have not taken kindly to the assassination allegations levelled against them.

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  1. Robert Gabriel Matuzvili

    ZEZURU CLIQUE! Hakuna izvozvo!

  2. Saka mugoti wapuhwa akanyarara, shit shit.
    At one time he cried begging to bang the former wife of a retired army boss now he is in the running for the big one, its exciting times ahead i bet my bottom dollar.

  3. mnangagwa for president

  4. ZANU PF yese ngaingobve .Whether succession or not taneta nezvivanhu izvi.

  5. Sir George Chamboko

    Let Zimbabwe be partitioned according to the way it was partitioned on tribal lines before the horrible whites made one country of it. The Zezurus can have their Sekeramayi. The Karangas can have their crocodile. The Ndebeles can revive their Mthwakazi kingdom and so on. Everybody will live happily ever after and in particular the Manyikas and their diamonds.

    1. Kkkk interesting though impossible ….I admired your way of reasoning

      1. Its not impossible. Its called Secession. Its very possible but very very bad, actually retrogressive.

  6. Mugabe has become a consistently bad decision maker in the last 2 decades or so & we are certainly not interested in his choice of a successor. He mus just vanish quietly & leave us to choose on our own

  7. You missed the point when she actually spilled the beans. This is when she said at 14:19, “When it suits you, you shout nepotism but when ED left his seat he left it for his wife.” Implication-“Why is it nepotism when Mugabe leaves the seat for his wife but it was not nepotism when ED left his seat for his wife.” If truth be told the only news coming out of Bindura was the official announcement of the impending initiative to rein in the war vets. The announcement was news but that the intention existed has been well covered prior to the announcement.

  8. zve zanu bodo tanyara navo vanhu ava. ngatingotanga zvimwe tione kuti hazvingavi nani here!

  9. A leader is not by imposition but you get chosen by us the people and have some spiritual blessings whether “medium or holy “, then we know another sun risen.Chizuva chinoda kubuda rimwe risati ranyura maninji kayo,zve rinonyura ngarinyure nemwaka waro.hakuna zvakadaro.

  10. Can’t believe my eyes,the titanic ship is slowly sinking.I am busy counting the survivors.

  11. Saka ndiani asra kupinda musuccession battle, everyone is now involved. Ndiri kuma terrace hangu ndakanyarara. Tichaona hedu 2018

  12. vabereki vagrace vapenyu here?

  13. Noone reserves the right, implicitly or explicitly, to deprive Zimbos of their right and free will to elect their next President. Those purporting to propose the same have no public interest. They are fighting for their uncertainty. Kenya’s retired President Moi proposed Uhuru to seal his 24 year political skepticism but it hit a snag. They may bring their choice but Zimbos should express their will resoundingly and unwaveringly.

  14. Grace, why don’t you ask your hubby to reign in all the charlatans who are calling him Jesus or God’s son etc. He is not. So start with those, when you’re done then you can move to other people. Charity begins at home.

  15. chain chimutengwende

    sekeramayi the next president like it or not .I like his character more .A unifier who is not ambitious to become the nxt president but very cool a political one can be able to unify the military opposition g40 and lacoste more than this doctor politician SEKERAMAYI .I am 100 percent behind u cde doctor and Minister.

    1. i thnk yu are rt

  16. Sekeramai is a medical doctor. These guys always call on him or Parirenyatwa first..
    Its about time Grace also spills the beans on the national development issues we are so desperate on and maybe confronting the high levels of homelessness and rising poverty levels publicly.

  17. In in the sixties, God gave us Gushuno to lead the struggle of liberation and in the nineties, God gave us Gire to destroy zpf from within and liberate us from the monster called Gushungo. Hail Gire, mwenewazvo

  18. handisi wezanu asi sekeramayi kuzanu kwachoo plus to the advantange of the 1st family anenge ndiye arinane

  19. These Zanu pple are useless. They spend time talking SH!T while the country is in SH!T. They are so obssessed with power to the extent that, they kill to remain in power. We are sick and tired of these USELESS TIRED thieves and murderers masquerading as politicians. Their geriatric leader made a STUPID blunder and thats, reluctant to step down. Now look.

  20. Bullshit ,let the pple decide

  21. We are sick and tired of all this shit!! Get back to the business of running a country. You have made us the laughing stock of the world!!

  22. Mwenyendiani Bgwenje

    Strange, funny and bankrupt! Why would illness, by any means, which is a private and family issue be a subject of rally talk? Zimbabwe needs better and more purposeful national leaders. Theatrics would have been relevant in 1980.

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