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Grace doles out seized clothes for Zanu PF campaigns


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe is reportedly doling out second-hand clothes to Zanu PF MPs to start campaigning ahead of next year’s harmonised elections.


The second-hand clothes are believed to have been confiscated at points of entry by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).
In a random survey yesterday, some legislators said they had already received their consignments, while others said they were yet to be called for collection.

Although they were coy on revealing more, the distribution was reportedly being done at State House.

Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) said he was yet to collect his allocation, but said he would not discriminate along partisan lines when distributing, adding there was nothing amiss with the donations.

“This is just like when Mrs (Elizabeth) Tsvangirai went and donated some items to MDC people in Bulawayo. Everyone can do that.

“The First Lady is not a government official, she is not a minister, but a politician and the secretary for women’s affairs in Zanu PF and not MDC,” he said.

Kadoma Central legislator Fani Phiri (Zanu PF) said he had already taken his consignment.

“As usual, these items will be given to the destitute, vulnerable families and child-headed families,” he said, although he denied the donation was part of the campaigning resources.

“If you ask people in Kadoma, they will tell you that we always give to everyone. We don’t look at politics because poverty knows no politics.”

Phiri said he would not know of finer details of the source of the second-hand clothes, as he had sent someone to collect them on his behalf.

Other legislators declined to speak on record, although they acknowledged the donation was part of their campaign strategy.
At her own rallies, Grace doles out various goodies including clothes and groceries.

In 2015 at Murombedzi growth point in Zvimba, Grace shocked her audience by disclosing that second-hand clothes confiscated from vendors by municipal police, State security agents and Zimra at the country’s border posts and in major city centres were being handed over to her for distribution to Zanu PF supporters.

According to the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02], any goods seized by Zimra should be sold through a public auction, meaning Grace’s donations could be illegal.

Zanu PF is leaving no stone unturned to ensure it retains power against the ill-funded opposition parties, many of whom are expected to contest under the MDC Alliance.

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