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Girl (5) bangs in, finds rapist (67) in the act


A 67-YEAR-OLD Sally Mugabe Heights man, Alois Kadurira, was allegedly caught pants down by a five-year-old girl while sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl at her grandparents’ house and attempted to buy the victims’ silence with a cellphone and cash.


The alleged incident occurred on August 21 this year at around 11am while the teenager was alone in her bedroom.
It is alleged that while Kadurira was raping the teenager, the five-year-old girl, who had visited the residence to play, suddenly entered the room and witnessed the ongoing abuse which she later reported to the victim’s grandparents.

The five-year-old girl reported that Kadurira had bought the teenager’s silence by offering her a cellphone, which was later recovered in her bag by her grandmother.

According to the court papers, when Kadurira entered his victim’s bedroom on the day in question, he allegedly held her by the neck with his right hand and used his other hand to undress her after which he raped her once.

During the sexual abuse, it is alleged, the teenager’s bed broke as the girl was trying to free herself from Kadurira, who apparently overpowered and deflowered her.

After about 10 minutes, Kadurira is alleged to have come off the complainant at which time the teenager noticed some blood on her genitals and spoiled blankets.

The State alleges Kadurira then warned the teenager not to report the matter to anyone, saying her parents would beat her up and after that he gave her a cellphone and promised to also give her some money later.

Kadurira pleaded not guilty to the charge, saying he was at his residence at all material times when the teenager is alleged to have been raped. His bail application is pending at the High Court.

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