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G40 Zanu PF youths threaten Mutsvangwa


ZANU PF youths linked to the G40 faction in Masvingo have threatened unspecified acting against Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chair Christopher Mutsvangwa (pictured) for allegedly trying to destabilise the country.

By Tatenda Chitagu

They called for his arrest for treason after he announced this week that war veterans would campaign against President Robert Mugabe in the upcoming 2018 polls.

Mutsvangwa this week said war veterans that have been used as Zanu PF shock troopers in previous elections, unleashing violence on the electorate, would not campaign for Mugabe unless he calls for an elective congress before the polls to choose the next ruling party leader.

This has riled the rank and file of the party, with youths from Masvingo saying Mutsvangwa should be jailed for trying to bring chaos in the country.

Speaking at a Press conference yesterday, Talent Chivange, the Zimbabwe Youth Council Masvingo chair and national executive member, said it was time Mutsvangwa was silenced. He was flanked by Zanu PF youth league district chair Percy Mukwata, and Biggie Kwangwa, a representative of the Masvingo Chamber of Small to Medium Enterprises.

“We do not condone in any manner Mutsvangwa’s recent remarks. His imperialist tendencies and vile attitude will be resisted by the youths. He is disillusioned to think that all war vets are behind him when it’s just a clique of three or four individuals in the organisation.

“The President has a huge following from the youth fraternity as evidenced by millions that turned out at our interface rallies. He should just relax. He is part of an organised syndicate bent on destabilising the peace we enjoy in this country.

“Youths make 67% of the population and we will not just fold our hands. It will be folly for him to think that the youths are feeble to just leave him condescending and waffling about the First Family. It is our duty as Zanu PF youths to safeguard the President,” Chivange said.

Kwangwa said if Mutsvangwa continued to attack Mugabe and his wife, they will confront him.

“If he continues, we will rise up against him and show him that he cannot fight the country. We will take him head-on. We are not a violent lot, but we are just warning him not to disturb the peace enjoyed in this country. We will also push for his arrest as his remarks are treasonous.

“We have decided to silence him and tell him that enough is enough. We cannot just sit back,” Kwangwa said.

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