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Fitness: A new way of thinking


FOLLOWING some basic principles has guided me to a lot of success in body building and fitness contests as well as being recognised as one of the prominent fitness instructors in Zimbabwe.

I will, in this column every Saturday, share with you some of the tips and fitness regimes that you can follow to achieve results in and outside the gym.

I believe what I’m going to be sharing with you will not only change your fitness life style, but also to teach you some of the essence of life that are rewarding like self-respect, patience, hard work.

My objective is to help you change your approach to health and fitness as well as set you up to have the correct mindset to achieving the best body.

Most of us want to be fitter, leaner, and more effective in our lives, but we fail to achieve these goals mainly because of the wrong approach.

Whatever our chosen route of diet or exercise, we always think it will be difficult and unachievable and, ultimately, we fall short along the way and in most cases abandon the whole thing altogether.

In this column, I want to help people embrace a new approach to exercise. I call it the “Change your mind; change your body plan”.

It is not a diet-and-exercise programme. It’s a new-way-of-thinking programme. The only resolution you need make for now is to change the way you think about your body and about exercise, and you will enjoy the results.

You have a pretty good idea of what you should be eating. You know that lean protein and vegetables are good for you.

You also know that enjoying some cake, or a drink, with friends is a very important part of life.

This plan is not about dieting; it’s about changing your mindset regarding your body. You may think the way your mind works has little to do with starting a new exercise regime.

But these tricks I will be sharing with you every week are all crucial to your attitude towards exercise and healthy living both physically and mentally.

As we get older, obviously, our bodies change. If we lose flexibility and strength, we tend to blame ageing and think that there is nothing we can do about it, so we don’t even try. But being fit and healthy has less to do with age and more to do with how we lead our lives.

I thought this week I should just introduce myself and this column to you. Next week we start getting into detail about fitness and exercise. Whatever you need, be it a flat tummy or a six-pack, a lean body, we will achieve it in this space.

Feel free to give me any suggestions on topics that you want me to explore either on: Email:, or on WhatsApp 0774151310.

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