Cross-border truck drivers threaten to shun Zim routes

ZIMBABWE is likely to lose millions of dollars in potential revenue as cross-border truck drivers, particularly those in transit to other regional countries, have threatened to shun local routes in protest over the recently-introduced electronic cargo tracking system, which they say is too slow and costly.


The drivers met on the South African side of the Beitbridge Border Post on Wednesday, where they resolved to shun Zimbabwean routes and use the longer, but “stress-free” Botswana route unless the government reviews the new law.

A few weeks ago, the government through Statutory Instrument (SI) 113 of 2017, changed the management of transit cargo and introduced electronic tracking, customs seals and escorts from Beitbridge to any exit port to curb the smuggling of fuel and other supplies, which were dumped on the local market.

At least 10 000 foreign-registered trucks pass through Zimbabwe en-route to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi and parts of Mozambique.

The new law demands that trucks should have a tracker or seals that should be surrendered at the exit point.

The truckers are also expected to pay $30 for the seals and a fine of $1 300 is demanded if that is tampered with.

“They do not have adequate seals, and decision-making has been centralised in Harare. There are a few escort vehicles resulting in trucks waiting for up to 10 days for the escorts,” one of the haulage truck owners said.

“The truckers complained about diversion of routes by Customs escorts, lack of a desk to deal with vehicles in transit and delays while trucks waited for seals,” a Zimbabwean representative of the truckers, identified as Mhlanga, said yesterday.

“The trucking companies said Zimbabwe will realise a sudden drop in vehicles in transit. This will affect our jobs,” he added.

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  1. Who cares and you truck drivers you do not have a good record here after one of yours took photos of a consignment of coins and made a total mess of it on social media ,it shows that you are not a gifted lot when it comes to matters which require use of the 5 brains which are God given.

    1. 1st and foremost, who has 5 brains? really? 2ndly the guy who took a photo (and not photos) took a photo of a receipt & not bond coins & the guy was zimbabwean, these truckers are foreigners. 3rdly if you are likely to lose millions in revenue & you don’t care then…
      i rest my case

      1. Sorry ruck drivers think and act the same, whether there are foreigners or locals , too bad for that crowd.

  2. i was expecting to come across a comment from zimra or from the ministry of transport

  3. Comment…these are transit truckers my friend. If they boycott its zim that suffers by losing transit money to Bots, Moza etc and what harm did that bond coin camera man cause.Duft!!! dunderhead!!

  4. Elisha you suck. Kuti udye nhasi uzonyora tsvina yavanyora iyo is because of truck drivers who dont sleep day and night vachiuya nezvinhu izvozvo. now you insult them but had it been not for them we starve. utange wafunga usati watukirira zvawaita izvi. Dunder head.

    1. Never benefitted a thing from this lot and nothing changes my friend if i see one prostitute i have seen all and if i see one kombi driver i have met all irrespective kuti which country are we talking about. These blokes are busy dropping contraband here and majority dealing with zimra officials which is prejudicing the country of millions, there can jump to their destinations this unthinking lot.

  5. Loss of revenue do you think ZANUPF cares.

  6. Comment…Zimbabwe is a living case study of what should not be done when running a country other contries learn from our mistakes thts why they are successful sure sure Zimbabwe kuenda pasi pe Mozambique ne Malawi chaiyo pakurongeka ……ndorwadziwa ini

  7. Fools who dont understand economics will say who cares not knowning that the targets being met by Zimra are becoz of the border tax contributions however I think its a gud decision shooting urself in the foot by the govt less money for overseas travel and quasi govt activities.

    1. “Good decision by the book and that money will go the Marange fashion”.Economics in principle without proper governance will never work out for the betterment of the country.Let these drivers benefit Vodyirepi mari .The whip on corruption should strike from the Ruling Elite cascading down to every jack and jill.

  8. Nhai Mbengo, inga zvanzi these are transit truck drivers? What it simply means is these trucks are simply passing through Zimbabwean territory on their way to Zambia, Mozambique, Southern DRC, Malawi etc. Zvino chawave kuti chinodyiwa naElisha on transit trucks chii? Are you telling us kuti the consignment that is meant to transit Zimbabwe ends up on the Zimbabwean market? If that is the case then there lies the problem and the very reason why these seals and escorts were introduced. What we get from these trucks is road access fees and other charges on the trucks to pass through certainly not the whole consignment or any portion thereof.

  9. you want to be allowed to freely smuggle contraband into Zimbabwe , use the Botswana route and see if we care

  10. the country is in a serious financial crisis and when we loose revenue instead of getting it and you say you dont care

  11. Many truckers are responsible. What is needed is a SADCC initiative to transit issues.

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