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Council sued over $353k trade union debt


THE Harare Municipality Workers’ Union has taken the City of Harare to the High Court seeking the remittance of $352 909 deducted from employee salaries in terms of the Labour Act.


The workers’ union issued the summons on September 8, and the City of Harare has not yet filed its appearance to defend.

In its declaration filed alongside the summons, the union said council, as a juristic person, employs its members who pay their union dues through their employer. The union further said the particular members were employed by Harare Water and Main City respectively.

“The plaintiff (Union) claims against the defendant (City of Harare) the sum of $352 909, being the amount due to plaintiff for outstanding trade union dues which defendant has not remitted to plaintiff despite demand, together with interest at the prescribed rate from date of judgment to date of full and final payment,” the union said.

“As provided in section 54(1) of the Labour Act, the defendant has been deducting the union due, but not remitting the same to plaintiff. The defendant has thus acted in contravention of the law by failing to remit the deducted union dues.”

The trade union also said as at the end of August this year, the City’s debt continued to accumulate, prompting it to approach the court for recourse.

“As at August 31, 2017 defendant owes plaintiff union dues amounting to $352 909, which sum keeps on accumulating with each passing month and despite repeated demands and requests defendant has refused, failed and/or neglected to remit the said dues which remain due and owing,” the union said.

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