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Con artists swindle in name of Mpilo


MPILO Central Hospital has claimed that some tricksters in Bulawayo go around asking for donations using inflated quotations they claim to have obtained from the public health institution, thereby, cheating unsuspected Good Samaritans.


The institution’s spoksesperson, Sibusisiwe Ndlovu, said the con artists went on the prowl last week taking advantage of the cash crisis to fleece unsuspecting Bulawayo residents under the guise of fund-raising for the hospital.

“There are items that the hospital does not have or being the case that suppliers would have delayed to deliver and then we ask relatives of the patients to go and buy those things,” she said.

“Some people then go around asking for donations based on inflated quotations. It then appears as if Mpilo Hospital is overcharging people, which is not true. These people are cheating residents in the name of assistance.”

Ndlovu urged people, who want to solicit for donations, to approach the hospital for proper quotations.

Zimbabwe is currently plunged in a cash crisis that has resulted in cash barons across the country taking advantage of the situation, charging between 40% and 45% interest to desperate people in need of cash.

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