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Cheap imports headache for GB, PPC


GENERAL Beltings and PPC Zimbabwe are still struggling with cheap imports despite the existence of Statutory Instrument 126 of 2014 which restricts the importation of the products they are manufacturing, an industry official has said.


Giving his welcome remarks at the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Matabeleland Chapter breakfast meeting last week, the chapter’s president, Joseph Gunda, said cement and conveyor belts imports were still finding their way into the country despite the existence of import restriction measures.

“Last week, we read in the papers that one of our members, PPC, is struggling with imports of cement and they are not alone in this fight, General Beltings, the company I work for, is still struggling with imports of conveyor belts despite the existence of SIs,” he said.

“PPC and General Beltings are recipients of SI 126 of 2014 and, as we continue lobbying the government for full implementation of the SIs, let’s all supports each other.”

Gunda said the country has all the ingredients of having a very strong and vibrant industrial sector and economy, all that was needed is working together — the government and industry — and prioritise those activities that give them the greatest mileage.

“As Bulawayo, let’s speak with one voice; as the business community, let’s collaborate with government and be responsible for our destiny,” he said.

Speaking at the same meeting, Industry and Commerce deputy minister Chiratidzo Mabuwa said there was no need for the country to continue importing nails yet local companies have the capacity to meet demand.

One of those companies that manufactures nails, Shepco Group’s bolt manufacturing division — Shepco BMA Fasteners — is based in Bulawayo.

The company has a plant with installed capacity of 500 tonnes conversion a month.
But due to imports, it operates at 20,7% capacity.

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