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Change your language, change your destiny


THE way you speak will determine your destiny. Your vocabulary and language is of paramount importance as you move forward in life.


The language you use will take you forward or pull you backwards. It will take you to higher levels or pull you down into the dungeon of mediocrity where you never thought that one day you would be.

Your language can make or even break you. The language you use about yourself is your identity.

Pick the positive side of the coin and use it to conquer your enemy who is none other than yourself.

Start afresh now with a new language. A language that inspires. A language that conquers.

The song

This makes me think of a certain chorus that emphasises the importance of change of language. If you change your language, everything will change. It goes:

People are wondering about my true identity,
So many years now, I have been wondering too,

Who I was, where I came from.

Alelujah my language has changed,
Alelujah thank you Jesus,
But why change your language?

George Zalucki said: “We keep thinking we can’t do it and the reason is our self-image is damaged.” It is damaged to the extent that you end up seeing yourself with a biased view.

He continues: “Your life will only be as high as your highest aspiration or as low as your lowest dream.

“Nothing is real except that you make it real in your mind. So why not imagine a great life?

“Put nourishing thoughts. Put good thoughts. Dwell on the things you dream about. Make your life a play ground for the positives.”

Being positive is all you need.

Defeat doesn’t come easy. It is so difficult for you to lose. You have to put a lot of energy to have a defeated attitude. These are tonnes and tonnes of negative mentality.

The recipe for failure

The recipe is simple. Raise the temperature of laziness, mix it well with waters of doubt. Then you are ready to travel towards the direction of defeat.

Remember you were created equipped, empowered and energised to become a victor. A victor that can live a powerful life.
Today we will look at something exciting. It’s, change your language, change everything. Everything revolves on the language you use. Thus, you must master the art of speaking like a winner.

Shower yourself with positive words you will soon find it extending to others whom you will meet in the corridors of life.
Speak like a champion because you are. No one can take it away from you.

The blind boy

A blind boy sat by the doorstep of a building. He had gone there to ask for some alms. As his norm he sat with his hat in front of him. He expected to get help from those who were passing by.

He had a placard that read: “I am blind, please help.”

As people passed they saw this placard and very few sympathised with this poor little boy. Because of that there were only few coins in his hat.

In no time there passed a certain man who stopped and read this placard. He dropped few coins. This man felt moved took the placard and changed the message. So what did he do?

Change the language

He took that placard and rephrased the message. This time it sent a different message.

After finishing writing, he placed it where everyone could read it easily. This meant that everyone would now see it. After some time the hat was full and many people were now giving the blind boy money.

The man who had changed the sign later came to see what had happened there after.

As he was coming the boy recognised his footsteps. And asked him: “Were you the one who changed my placard this morning. What did you write?”

True, things had changed. You could see that the hat was now full.

The man answered: “I only wrote the truth. I said what you said, but in a different way. I wrote: ‘Today is a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.’” The language that had been used touched many. It drove many into giving.

Remember all the two placards sent the message that the boy was blind. With the first simply saying the boy was blind.
Fortunate to be having eyes

However, the second one painted a better picture. It sold a unique message package. It just told those passing by that they were fortunate to be having those eyes.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,” thunders the Holly scriptures.

Everything you have today is because of what was planted by your tongue yesterday.

Plant good seeds today for you to reap a good harvest tomorrow. Be blessed. It can be done.

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