Centralisation of power MDC-T’s albatross

CENTRALISATION of power in the MDC-T is cited as one of the reasons the opposition party has failed to take over power from Zanu PF since its inception in 1999, a new independent report has revealed.


In its August report, the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU), said Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T had failed to take over power from the Zanu PF regime mainly due to a leadership crisis emanating from its “one centre of power” policy.

“At the heart of the succession crisis, a central problem has been, and still is, the manner in which political power has been concentrated in the presidency, and has led to what Brian Kagoro has termed the three tragedies of Zimbabwe; a crisis of leadership and followership; leaders with power have no ideas and those with ideas have no power; a country that runs on memory and not imagination,” the report read.

“This diagnosis seems remarkably apt in the current state of Zimbabwe, and applies more widely than merely to the ruling party.

“However, it is the ruling party, and its centralised power, that is fundamentally responsible for the tragedies.

“This centralisation of power is also evident in the opposition MDC-T and this has been said to be one of the reasons the opposition has failed to take over power.”

In 2014, MDC-T amended the party’s constitution to have all administrative powers centred around Tsvangirai, with analysts warning that it was likely to further weaken the already fractured opposition party.

Following the amendments, Tsvangirai has purged some of his lieutenants viewed as a threat to his position.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu yesterday declined to comment on the matter, saying he had not read the report.

“I haven’t read that report. Let me first have a look at it, read it and then I will be in a position to respond,” he said.



  1. Fancy idea!

  2. This is not an intelliegnt report. ZanuPf has one center of power yet it has 37 years of rule if centralisation of power is the case. 2008 MDC defeated zanupf only that someone with help of guns refused to relinguish power.This report is shallow.

  3. chihombe madhara

    vembuya is correct

  4. the report is pregnant with the truth, just check how Tsvangirai’s zest for dominance has played out in the Alliance issue where it has left almost every opposition political party dissatisfied and threatening to abandon the convergence. Save needs to climb down sometimes if the opposition entertains the idea of winning the hearts of the people. MDC-T itself is struggling over the alliance, Biti is facing stiff resistance from his co-leaders at PDP. Dying Zanu Ndonga was also not spared by the Tsvangirai approach. Dr Mujuru has disputed the logo name of the alliance altogether. haa chokwadi chakanaka mukuru varikuzvigadzirira size vega ava

  5. kupotsa mapena ghedi rakavhurika pasina kana keeper ndozvakavatadzisa.

    kozoti people’s movement yakakurumidza ku hijack-wa negalz, varungu, zanu, pakupedzisira yakatorwa namogeni ikaitwa movement yake, mwana wake chaiye ane face nesurname yake.

  6. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bitter as it may sound, that remains a fact.

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