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Can’t do right by her

Dear Aunty Gee
I’ve been with my wife for five years. All was good until last year when she started nit-picking over my appearance and my job.Just lately, it seems I can’t do anything right. Please help because I am so frustrated.

Dear Ron
I think you need to stop the guesswork and have an honest discussion with your wife so that you can reach a consensus and agree on the way forward. You might actually find it’s got little to do with you and is more about the fact she’s unhappy with herself, but she’s focusing on you because that’s easier.
***Aunty Gee***

My fiancée is so insecure

Dear Aunty Gee
I am very successful professional and my career is in full flight. But my relationship with my fiancée has been on a downward spiral as we seem not to agree on a lot of things. The engagement itself could have been a rushed thing. She constantly needs reassurance and it’s now becoming very annoying. What do I do?

Dear Liberty
We know what becomes of the broken-hearted, but what of the heartbreakers? It’s rare to hear pity expressed or support shown for the unfortunate (usually
vilified) person who takes on the responsibility of initiating a break-up, no matter how inevitable it is. Breaking up is definitely hard to do, and not just if you are the one clinging on to the shattered dreams of unity and harmony. But there is no need to be cruel or point out seeming inadequacies in your soon-to-be ex-lover. Such outbursts only aggravate the situation.
***Aunty Gee***

How do I mend fences with my stepmom?
Dear Aunty Gee
I was 16 and my mother had died two years before. I was angry, bitter and hurting and I labelled my stepmom a gold-digger, who would never replace my wonderful mum. I ripped up her clothes and deliberately destroyed her make-up. But things changed when I was badly hurt in a car accident and she nursed me back to life. She was patient and amazing and I feel so guilty now. How do I mend the relationship?

Dear Anna
The most practical thing to do in your circumstances is just to open your heart to your stepmother. Ask for her forgiveness and the chance to mend your relationship. All the best!
***Aunty Gee ***

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