AMHVoices: Youth interface rallies done to soil Mnangagwa

If the truth be told, Zanu PF is in a crisis, a succession crisis with two of the most visible figures in the party the two Mugabes (President Robert Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace), contradicting each other in public on how the issue should be handled.

By T Gutu,Our Reader


It is clear that the two have agreed that Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi should take over from Mugabe, but are not agreed on the strategy.

Grace is of the view that Mugabe should name his successor now and do everything in his power to make sure that the preferred successor gets the job, while Mugabe’s health still allows him to dictate things within the party.

Three times the two have differed in public on this issue. First, it was at a Zanu PF women’s league gathering in Harare; the second time was in Chinhoyi at a Zanu PF youth interface rally and lately in Bindura.

Grace insists that Mugabe has the right to name his successor and should do it now. On all occasions Mugabe would stand up and tell his audience that it is not possible to name a successor, it is against the party constitution.

Yes, the leader might have a preferred successor, but that preferred candidate must fight it out with those that might be interested in the post, this is according to Mugabe.

Mugabe’s strategy is to go out there, discredit Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, portraying him as an unfit, tribal and regional leader, supported only by two provinces, Masvingo and Midlands. This is being done through the so-called youth interface rallies.

Denouncing Mnangagwa in public, Mr President, your actions and your wife are just a shame and dangerous for Zimbabwe. Mr President, you are the wrong person to be talking of tribalism.

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  1. Ndozvinoita madictators kana agarisa. Ravadonga watonga muzinda wemakonzo.Mukati Grace anehama here.

  2. You dont read politics guys. They will use Sidney to destroy ED. As soon as ED is destroyed they soil Sid and sisi Gire takes over. Watch it

    1. cool one Cde

  3. Comment…Everyone knows that now

  4. hatitongwi nejoki! DisGrace

  5. The youth rallies are election campaigns and the fight against members by members and leaders could just be a distraction. The guy being attacked is the guy who knows way too much to be sent packing????

  6. PUT them all on podium and file economic questions.I doubt if Grace will even pitch up.We Zimbabweans must wake up.Our economy which was going up is now going down because the only person,ED who was keeping an eye on it is now busy defending himself from vile attacks by people who dont care about economy.Everything has been left to Mangudya to manage the economy while they fight.Our GDP had gone up through agriculture and now its going negative .No winter plantations where done because E.D is now busy at politics.We will want a commission of enquiry on this greatest betrayal ,after Mugabe is gone.

  7. Mukotami Jenandebvu

    There is one form of brilliance that Mugabe showed at the Bindura rally, It is a subtle one that even the writer of this article may not have noticed, Here it is: Mugabe has, for a very long time, been aware of the existence of G40 and Lacoste and what they both want to achieve… He knows what Kasukuwere is up to, He knows why Jonathan despises Mnangagwa. But he has been quite for a long time we thought he did not know.

    The reason why he was quiet is the same reason why he does not rebuke those bootlickers like the youth leader whose bootlicking ofttimes is so shameful, He is also aware that Mandi Chimene is not a war veteran but an ex chimbwido, yet he is quiet because they all at the moment serve a purpose.

    What works for Mugabe is to have those factions at each other’s throat so that they do not at any one time sit together and gang up against him like they almost did in 2004, This he manages by continually dangling a carrot to both factions and make each believe they can find favor with the grand master of divide and conquer… and now he will zero in on both factions as he once again outsmart them and leave no real winner except himself!

    As he insists on a congressional election for his successor, he will make sure to dribble past ED by making sure Sekeramai wins, even unopposed, Moyo’s victory will only be that one of having spited ED and nothing more, Mugabe will still be the deFacto president and will make sekeramai swear to handover reins to Dr Fugu.

    Mugabe is too smart for all those guys, he knows when to fight his battles, and when to ignore stupid actions, when the time is convenient, he will remind Chimene, the youth leader, Jonathan, Mnangagwa, Chombo,Kasukuwere, Sekeramai and even Psychology of their previous shenanigans. He has them all by the balls.
    Thats Mugabe, hell bent on creating a dynasty for himself and family,If ED wants to get a go at him he must surprise him at congress by contesting for Presidency not VP!

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