AMHVoices: Nation urgently need a youthful leader

IN response to Chamisa eyes Tsvangirai post: Understandably, Zimbabweans have precariously held their lives at the mercies of President Robert Mugabe’s entitlement and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s victimhood.

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The highest the two can offer are the first and second liberation narratives respectively occasionally shifting blame on each other for the current failure.

As the country severely bleeds for economic and democratic liberation, these narratives are no longer relevant.

The nation urgently requires a youthful, vibrant leader devoid of colonial hangover with the ability to transform it to world status.

Until Zimbabweans offset themselves from the yoke of these two competing politicians, their burden is far from over.

Youthful MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa is a better option!

Mgobhozi Wezintabeni says: No doubt Morgan Tsvangirai is not at his best of health and campaigning is quite taxing.The appropriate medical decision for him is to step down and allow himself enough time to recuperate in the comfort of his home.

Parapinda says: Politics is a game of shadows and hypocrisy, so it’s good for MDC-T to field Morgan Tsvangirai, who is evidently not feeling well, as a presidential candidate, but wrong for Zanu PF to field Robert Mugabe, who will be 94 years? From what Obert Gutu is saying, no matter how bad Tsvangirai’s health is, as long as he is the chosen candidate, then he must lead the MDC-T, but is it not same argument as that of Zanu PF that no matter how old their president is, but because he was chosen to lead, he must remain at the helm of their party? What a mess for the electorate.

Planks says: I hadn’t thought of casting my vote, but if Nelson Chamisa is to stand for the Presidency, count me in. That man is a genius, even President Robert Mugabe admitted that when he was ICT minister. He did great things within a short period.

In response to Tsvangirai airlifted, battling for life in SA: Quick recovery, Sir!


Nonetheless, we are all mortal and should thus keep our houses in order.

Who between demagogues – the President Robert Mugabe and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai – has clearly paved their outright successor(s) in the event of the (un)likely?

It’s both selfish and inhuman to subject millions of Zimbabweans to unnecessary suffering as we go down with the country by leaving a lacuna as to who should automatically take the reigns of leadership when we are no more. The nation is more important than an individual.

In response to War vets, Tshinga Dube face off, Cde Mauyu says: Walter Tapfumaneyi is a confused human being, he talks of uniting war veterans at the same time talking of excluding others. Is that what you call unity? So, to be recognised by your ministry as a war veteran one must be an active member of Zanu PF? You are a permanent secretary for permanent disorder. As long as you continue serving that ministry, it becomes a ministry of total disaster. I know you think you know all, but you have lost the plot. Let the comrades decide for themselves rather than you dictating to them on behalf of certain people. War vets are wallowing in poverty and disease, school fees in arrears, while you are busy politicking.

Tshinga Dube
Tshinga Dube

Bwedebwese says: I am no fan of G40 and its war vets under Mandi Chimene. But the stubborn truth is that Chris Mutsvangwa and his executive were beneficiaries of an equally unconstitutional removal of Jabulani Sibanda and his executive. It is hypocritical to now cry foul.

IN response to Dominant Dominic decides derby, Tongai says: Well done to Caps United. They wanted it more than Dynamos and made their intentions clear from the beginning of the week and delivered on the pitch. We live to fight another day as DeMbare.

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  1. Yes youthful leaders but not in Chamisa who idolizes our President as he openly confessed as reported by Reuben Barwe when he did a report over Chamisa when the young turk was admitted to the bar after doing time on law degree.
    We will not forget that one.

  2. youth leaders yes. please now. I believe mdc and the rest of the colliation group have something up their sleeves which most of us and even zanu do not know. they have tried to clean themselves of cios even if it is hard. I believe Mugabe’s intelligence will be beaten this time.

  3. To woke up and say now we want a youthful leader that will be a stupid thing as leaders good leaders can be found from all age groups . As of now we can not start running around confused saying Morgan is no longer fit bcoz we have no known leader who can equal him and as of now we can not dream of removing him bcoz doing so will be playing in ZANU arms , VIVA Morgan get well soon and lead the pple project

  4. Chamisa, Yes mfana uyu akangwara, anoita

  5. Comment…Chamisa in, then we move forward

  6. The more technology and precisely the digital era penetrates Africa, the farther it edges these old guards . We however cannot wish them away in totality as they can play the advisory role but in Zim politics, the adage that old is gold in the 21st century has been overtaken by the events. Loosen the grip; eat and let eat.

  7. If truth be told this writer sympathises with Zanu Pf which has failed to transform the economy no matter how many times they rig the elections to remain in power. MDC has never been in power so they can not be measured against their opponents. Believe me not, ANC never removed Mandela from his position for 27 years in jail but Mandela was never labelled a dictator. I do not support that if Tsvangirai is no longer capable due to ill health he should not step aside. However , with the elections around the corner any party can find it difficult to field a presidential candidate now.

    1. True some of the people who say MT is sick are even sick themselves have they quit where ever they are. Its about knowing when to go and how to run a country not age. Zanupf has so many youths messing this country can you really entrust this country to them? Actually the more corrupt people in Zanupf are the young age. Look at the Councillors even being accused of corruption in the opposition are they that old? Looks like we are on an old people culling exercise yet the youths are the people who have mostly let this country down.Mugabe has not failed because he is sick but because he can’t, he is visionless and inactive.Was he sick when he failed? No.

  8. Mr.Editor, please could you date your articles? The new format does not make it easy to distinguish daily /current articles from past articles as there are no news datelines on them.

  9. chamisa ,maybe he can win for a high school head boy post

  10. We do not need a youthful President. We need a good president. We need a magafulified President. Find this person and I will vote them into power.

  11. Youthful leaders yes,but please emphasize on constitution change.5 years of ruling is enough kwete pikerere.

  12. if we follow the Media theories of semiotics, Morgan is the right candidate to field.

  13. As long Morgan is alive,let him finish the job.selecting another candidate too early will result into problems that might hold back significant progress made so far under that leadership giving an advantage to Zanu PF.If done too early people Zanu PF will celebrate much to the change than anyone else.

  14. Tsvangirai is like biblical Moses, he has to relieve us form this dead economy. Fambai Save

  15. tsvangirai should have stepped down a long time ago,realised that as important as he has been to the mdc,democracy also means stepping aside and letting others try new things to bring about the changes the nation desires.he is just as autocratic as mugabe is and hides behind the notion advanced by some in the party that the mdc cannot do without him at the helm.

    as for the country needing a youthful leader who is devoid of colonial hangover that is a delusion.zim as a nation is still the product of colonialism ,a sickness we have yet to overcome as evidenced by the brutality of the army and police in dealing with citizens,only difference being that today these institutions are now in the hands of black zimbabweans who have no qualms about unleashing the machinery of the state on their fellow citizens.

  16. Chamisa ndiye anofana kuva pa post Tsvangirai ari advisor wake i.e party Godfather.

  17. I don’t think the solution is in being a youth. The problem having these guys at a young age is they will refuse to go. We need an effective leader. Just because Mugabe is too old is not the reason why we have a crisis, it is because he has failed to rule simple, nothing to do with his age. We need mature people. Ian Khama is not a youth but doing well in Botswana. Mkapa was not a youth but knew when to go. Magufuli is not a youth but is doing well. We need an effective leader. These youths will end up wanting to grow old in the position.

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