AMHVoices: MultiChoice shot self in the foot

WELCOME Kwese TV, joyfully goodbye MultiChoice DStv. Virtually, DStv created its death and burial.

By Gat Norton,Our Reader

While operating in an economy where the currency is the bond note, DStv insisted on receiving subscriptions in United States dollar. It disregarded that the source, the subscriber is generating his/her income in local currency and did not adjust.

Even though the bank account balances may have been in a blend currency, DStv refused receiving subscriptions through transfer. In fact, the company formed a conduit with a few banks to receive US dollars for subscriptions, while charging the subscribers exorbitant commission charges. What inflexibility? It’s sad.

I know DStv’s masters are in South Africa, but still masters are meant to be advised of any economic changes and the need to adjust. DStv failed and dismally frustrated subscribers.

Well done Kwese Tv, victory was certain and it has happened. We look forward to home-grown solutions that take away the frustrating and non-creative TV programmes offered by ZBC TV. I hope you will fill the gap and tap into the opportunities created by the rigid DStv and the non-performing ZBC TV.

Welcome and Zimbabweans wish you a long exciting and entertaining time. Do not short-change subscribers, Zimbabwe has no currency of its own.

Let us trade with what is there.


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  1. guys please advice your web designer that this font he used is killing my eyes. I believe other people have same sentiments as I have. Its too narrow and squashed. Your stories are now very difficult to read. My eyes are already crying.

    1. Very true. I just couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

    2. You can just increase the font of your page and problem resolved

      1. Justin Manyenyere

        thanks for the contribution , VERY Helpful


  2. chakati chayo Dstv especially after failre to replace our old decorders in July/August following software upgrade there can go to hell.

  3. Multichoice can pack and go.Buy Zim!

    1. Comment…This is good news to all of us. Thank you Strive.

  4. Besides DSTV charges were outrageous and they were simply exploiting Zimbabwean subscribers whose rates were higher than all the other African markets

  5. kwese kupi. the name should be changed to something better.

    1. change ye company yako

    2. Mhukahuru mabva mada kurasa mutauro wedu rurimi rwaAmai ndokuti ‘kwese’ kana vaya vaiti shona heee inonetsa apa vachaitaura……..

  6. mofaraka but kana Strive ari pambishi munoti tsvatuwaro, all his business is outside Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean are just a mere second hand receivers of Kwese Kwese because other countries has already accepted the African child hope! MaZimbo monzwisa tsitsi> dai muchigona kuvhota mabasa akazadzwa kare muZim na Strive. Shame.

    1. Ibva iwe. Judging by your Shona uri muZimba so urikuzvitukawo.. Shame on u as well wangu unonzwisawo tsitsi. If you think there is something you can change bout the situation in Zimbabwe why dont you just say it or better of do it yourself rather than these coward statements youve just thrown.

  7. DSTV knows how to do business, their business is based on their local audience, Zimbabweans should be complaining to their own government for failing to provide competitive media instead of expecting Dstv to adjust to their liking. You pay licences for possessing a radio or tv in Zimbabwe without transmission yet you want to arm twist Dstv, pay and watch or watch your own ZBC showers, you have a choice. You want Dstv to accept valueless paper which your own President doesn’t use, how is that possibly. If another competitor is in the field, make your choice don’t influence others for what you haven’t seen yet.

  8. local is lekker!!

  9. At last Strive has made it for us to be able to pay in own currency available well done.

  10. @Mhukahuru, unoda kuti “Kwese” panorwe nechingezi here?

  11. To win any competition on DSTV “Winners must reside in South Africa”!!!!

    1. That’s always a killer!

  12. I just hope the pricing will be fair remember this is Econet.

  13. The best way to promote Kwese TV is to buy decorders for our homes and leave the DSTV for the clubs, bottle stores and beerhalls where one decorder is watched by a thousand people.

  14. Munhu wese kuKwese ndookune yese!

  15. Robert Gabriel Matuzvili

    do you honestly think DSTV will lose sleep over zimbabwe, whose population is smaller than just Lagos? kkkkk be serious. DSTV is in many African countries. They dont rely on Zimbabwe…even so remotely. But yes…we welcome Kwese. It provides us with options. Those who can afford DSTV will continue (like me Matibili) and those who are poor you can go to Kwese. handiti ka.

    1. Bob no business is to small to lose they will feel it in their pockets, if this done very well it will give DSTV a run for their money most of us man we like sports in these satelite channels if he get enough live sports we are happy. Don’t under estimate this Kwese because it’s a Zimbabwean thing give credit were it’s due.

    2. Remember its not only Zimbabwe. Kwese is in Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, now add Zimbabwe and you think DSTV is not worried why then did they add Live LaLiga matches to a lower bouquet like family if its not due to competition.

    3. Ngonidzashe Mudede

      kkkkk USD revenue of over $100 million is under threat, they must loose sleep if they are normal.

  16. Thank you Strive,at least we have some serious business to celebrate for as a nation.A tempory break from the political comedians.

  17. i am told on inquiry that one can now even subscribe for 3 days etc thus if you want to watch something ,what sweetest news in our ears.

  18. guys let us be realistic. i feel we focusing on DSTV on this issue rather than the current status quo. we myt be happy that we nw hv our own channel bt will it give the same satisfaction as that of DSTV, hw long is it gona take to reach all the towns of zimbabwe?, our local industry is jus fckd up, instead of us investing in our own channels, why dnt we channel the moneys we have to revive the local arts industries. my fear is its gona be a soccer soccer thing, what abt us who dont watch soccer.

    1. There are over 40 channels on Kwese and honestly they cant all be soccer soccer.

  19. Robert Gabriel Matuzvili

    was it dstv that was blocking Kwese? In Zambia DSTV is there, and so is Kwese…and many of the African countries where kwese has enetered. so why do you think Zimbabwe is so dear to dsvt? yes it a market, but no different from the rest. and please note that not all of us will dump dstv for kwese. Some are hooked on dstv. some will move. we are focussing on the wrong subject. the problem is govt of zimbabawe which didnt want plurality in the market. there was no court case between dstv and kwese.

  20. The truth is Kwese TV is not for free , if ordinary Zimbabweans can not afford Dstv cheapest bouquet they will still not afford Kwese tv…….

  21. kwese pandongapo

  22. Ndezvekwavo ikoko

    how many channels do you actually watch on DSTV? the thought of one having a choice of channels that he/she doesn’t watch is next to pointless. Imagine on the lowest priced bouquet you have 112 channels, of which if most people are like me you watch an average of 3 channels, one Natgeo wild, News channel, and a movie (repeats) channel; for the ladies Telemundo obvious. “sorry i am not a soccer fan”. $11 dollars for three channels, i can get madisc emacomplete season at an average of 44 discs; kune vanopa masoft copies- Ndinoona ndikaneta… so DSTV keep your American Channels (especially mareality shows), my option is going Disc wise and Kwese, because i can’t watch Kim, zvana kim neupenyu hwavo, zvinei neni sure.

  23. kkkkk Ndezvekwawo ikoko i hope madisc aunoona ma series ndee maZimbabwean movies kkkkkk

  24. Multichoice missed the business edict that “doing good is good for business”

    1. Good bye DSTV. Rest In Pieces. You thought Zimbabweans were the richest in Africa and charged us a leg and an arm. Wellcome Kwese (Everywhere)

  25. @kuimba you’re obviously an artiste like me or a sympathiser. if my guess is right you should be celebrating. the major issue with DSTV was feeding the local market with exotic content and charging fortunes for it. there was nothing fashioned with a semblance of the Zim audience, thus hoping kwese would create a dedicated channel for Zimbabwean content especially sports, news and film. at the same time our government should create the conducive environment for both players not the cureent scenario were they definitely favour DSTV for reasons best known to them. Kwese is a welcome development, we need plurality of view and increased choice, their competition benefits us as the viewer with competitive pricing and improve content.

  26. all of you get lost,if you want to prop up econet thats your business but to think everyone will dump dstv because of kwese is day dreaming.i wont as well as other africans.ideology yekuti munofarira zvinhu zviri substandard because its zimbabwean haireve chuinhu.

  27. ndianiko ati amboiwona kui inoshanda sei Kwese yacho. However DSVT vanobhowa maitiro avo. Compact package costs 28.00 but unobhadhariswa 35.00 pano pamasvingo branch zvanzi imwe yacho ndeyemaBank charges. Ini ndakuda kutorega zvangu zve dstv izvi coz the money yandobhadhara monthly yakutondibhowa apa ndongoda natgeo, soccer and news plus the clearness of the sreen. KWESE yacho ngaiuye tione but as long as its zimbabwe hosting then expect showers on your screens and poor quality images

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