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AMHVoices: MultiChoice shot self in the foot


WELCOME Kwese TV, joyfully goodbye MultiChoice DStv. Virtually, DStv created its death and burial.

By Gat Norton,Our Reader

While operating in an economy where the currency is the bond note, DStv insisted on receiving subscriptions in United States dollar. It disregarded that the source, the subscriber is generating his/her income in local currency and did not adjust.

Even though the bank account balances may have been in a blend currency, DStv refused receiving subscriptions through transfer. In fact, the company formed a conduit with a few banks to receive US dollars for subscriptions, while charging the subscribers exorbitant commission charges. What inflexibility? It’s sad.

I know DStv’s masters are in South Africa, but still masters are meant to be advised of any economic changes and the need to adjust. DStv failed and dismally frustrated subscribers.

Well done Kwese Tv, victory was certain and it has happened. We look forward to home-grown solutions that take away the frustrating and non-creative TV programmes offered by ZBC TV. I hope you will fill the gap and tap into the opportunities created by the rigid DStv and the non-performing ZBC TV.

Welcome and Zimbabweans wish you a long exciting and entertaining time. Do not short-change subscribers, Zimbabwe has no currency of its own.

Let us trade with what is there.


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