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AMHVoices: Mugabe has as good as anointed Grace to succeed him


IN response to War vets no pushovers, Mutsvangwa tells Sekeramayi: A 93-year-old person like President Robert Mugabe will always say the truth.

By C Moyo,Our Reader

He told all and sundry at the Bindura rally on Saturday that: “I do not want people to say I handpicked my wife for the Presidency.”

That was the truth and nothing else.

In other words, he was admitting that there is another way of handpicking his wife Grace to succeed him, that is at the Zanu PF congress.

Everyone knows what happens at these congresses.

The women’s league will throw its weight behind its boss, Dr Amai, and wait and see the drama unfold.

Tell me, who will openly nominate Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi or Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the congress?

But if someone nominates Grace, not even one person will object.

It is a pity that Mnangagwa failed to execute his plan well. He took too long to do it and should blame none other than himself.

His name is spoiled in Zanu PF cycles.

The army has been silenced and very soon the war veterans will be silenced.

All these things are pointing to one thing: Grace is the heir apparent.

The next few weeks will be very interesting for political onlookers.

It is when the First Family will unleash their grand plan as the Zanu PF political configuration gathers momentum.

History has a tendency of repeating itself.

The music that was playing towards the 2014 congress that saw Vice-President Joice Mujuru being dumped is now playing loud.

Mnangagwa benefited from that chaos and now it seems is fast becoming a casualty.

Chinhu ichi chine vene vacho (This project has its owners).

We will watch from a distance as the crocodile is shoved from the dam.

Watch the space!

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