Zodwa for massive Harare street party

PANTY-LESS South African provocateur, Zodwa Wabantu is set to be one of the star attractions in this year’s edition of the Harare International Carnival when she joins 10 Samba girls from Brazil and nearly 20 Cuban dancers in September.


Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) boss, Karikoga Kaseke, laying out the programme of the carnival, said 25 countries had confirmed their participation in this year’s street party.

“The Brazilian girls are coming. They said this year they want to bring a team of 10 up from six. We think we can afford them. We can accommodate them, but there are some who are better than the Brazilians. The Cubans are coming, too. It’s a cultural exchange programme we are having with Cuba. They are participating in our carnival for the first time this year. They are very, very dangerous, these Cubans. They are far much more dangerous than the Brazilians,” he said.

“They want to have a Cuban night. They are just coming to teach us how to be happy. You have never seen them being happy. They know how to be happy.”

Kaseke said Zodwa, however, would be invited to perform at the carnival under strict conditions that she will be wearing undergarments.

“We will not allow her to perform without her panties, but we know she will be at the Private Lounge, so those who want to see her without panties can go there, but not in the streets,” he said.

This year’s carnival street party will be attended by top South African musicians alongside Winky D and Jah Prayzah.

ZTA will also ensure that during the week long party public drinking will not be an offense with the entire Central Business District having outdoor liquor outlets.

A bush party sponsored by National Railways of Zimbabwe is lined up at the Ruwa Country Club, but the fun will start on a train, which will leave Harare with patrons before “dumping” them in the bush.

Bigtime Strategic Group Zimbabwe, one of the main sponsors of the carnival, did not sign a memorandum of understanding with ZTA, as expected, as its owner Justice Maphosa had to leave for South Africa suddenly.

Kaseke said Maphosa had committed to sign the MoU after the heroes holidays, saying his company wanted to help fund the party.

The company will bankroll, among other things, the top South African artistes who will join the estimated three million people expected at the carnival.

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  1. ko muregeika zodwa wacho asina nduwe mustreet macho imomo nhai nhai.

  2. “We will not allow her to perform without her panties, but we know she will be at the Private Lounge, so those who want to see her without panties can go there, but not in the streets,” Saka kuPrivate Launge ndo kune yese

  3. Zvanzi “you have never seen them being happy..they know how to be happy” navaKaseke

    1. kkkkk ‘they are very very dangerous . . .’ baba vanoratidza kuti vanoda zvinhu ava.

      1. vakuru vekuda zviro ava,ko censorship body inoti kudii nazvo

  4. ndiyo ngoma inorwarira Kaseke that why he abuse innocent beauty pageant girls

  5. censorship board woye

    1. Bona Chikore naEneas Chigwedere woye!

  6. This is another step towards total moral decay in the society. Public drinking, nude dancers and lasciviousness for a whole week, no holds, no barring, no control?!?!?!!? Our generation is blindly marching into insanity in the name of “cultural exchange programme.” The time our society, our generation and our people accept as normal and without question such despicable behaviors, is the time all things crumble.

    Introduction to lewdness, sexual depravity, perversions, then later homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and the list goes on…….


    1. @Concerned. Stop with the hyperbole and overreaction. You are conservative I get that, others are liberal and no one side has moral superiority over the other. No one has the right to impose their beliefs over the other or the right to ‘control’ like you said, so let these dancers be. Just don’t go there if you disagree with it.

    2. It will be like in the time of Sordom and Gormorah and know that the end shall be.

  7. Angeline Mikiri

    Dai Mwari vatiwanira nyasha

  8. hamawe tsika dzadyiwa nembwa muno puuu puuuu sodom negomora nxaaaa

  9. kutowana time yekuita party in streets nyika ichibaka nenhamo? Akomanaka?

  10. regai timbofarawo
    tsvimbo dzikugadzirwa ne zimasset

  11. Is it true that tickets to the Zodwa show at the Private Lounge are already sold out. If so, one creative promoter may have to consider hosting Zodwa at the National Sports Stadium so that all men married and unmarried can have the opportunity to enjoy her juicy performance.

  12. “A bush party sponsored by National Railways of Zimbabwe is lined up at the…” My foot! NRZ sponsoring an event for what purpose? Marketing what? Where did they get the money for sponsoring an event when they owe us salaries for 4 years??? Editor please check that statement again please!

    1. theu are offering steam train …i think

  13. Moral decadency has crept into the Zim society under the guise of street carnivals.

  14. Regai atambe asine nduwe tione chiro chake, ko zvine basa rei,

  15. Why are we employing foreign prostitutes, when we have many qualified ones in Zimbabwe. Its not like our panty’s are stuck to our bodies.

  16. Mapenzi evanhu. What tourism are you trying to promote and what are you trying to teach our girl children. Ndimi munotadzisa mvura kunaya imivanaKaseke. Mutikwanirevozve.

  17. the s.a. one makes noises than the local one (beaver).

  18. Daniel Chigundu

    It would help if people were to understand the idea behind Carnival, it’s a celebration of diversity, we are celebrating being different without judging each other. If you don’t want to see the Samba Queens or the happy Cubans then stay at home and watch Telemundo, It’s also wrong to blame Dr Kaseke, because this is a state funded event, Minister Chinamasa is the one who funded this through state-coffers and so Kaseke is just following orders. Yes, people will be dressed anyhow or will be without panties that is how different they are from you, so it’s also upon you to come and be dressed in what you think is acceptable and we will celebrate both of you. The other issue let’s not impose our so-called culture on people who are otherwise not from our villages, these people are coming to show you what they do in their country and you are also encouraged to show them what you do in your country, and not impose your beliefs.

    The other thing is that people think tourism is just going to Great Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls to see monuments and wonders, but there is business tourism, religious tourism, health tourism and entertainment tourism, just travel to other countries musinganotsage mabasa but muchingonofara nekuona kuti vanoitawo sei pamagariro avo then you can appreciate some of these things. Iwewe ukaona vanhu vasina kupfeka then wotanga kufamba usinawo kupfeka then you will be the problem, this is entertainment.Saka regai vanhu vauye, @nyamututa in case you don’t know people will come from surrounding countries to see the Samba Queens and the happy Cubans, these people will sleep in hotels and lodges(business), they will eat food (command agriculture), they will drink beer and soft drinks (Delta pfee), they will hire vehicles (money) some will buy ornaments from our crafts shops (money and employment creation) and they will take Selfies and post on Instagram, facebook, twitter and other platforms (destination marketing). So there is everything tourism in Carnival you only need to look hard and maybe also understand tourism.

    I don’t dispute kuti this is unZimbabwean, but again these are not Zimbabweans, they are only coming to Zimbabwe and will also leave Zimbabwe after a few days and you will be back to your usual normal selves. Saka Carnival Street Party ngaiuye, if you are offended then I advise you stay home, no one is being forced to attend

  19. chokwadi chataurwa end of the world prophets are being fulfilled

  20. Zodwa wembutu anenge asina nduwe hahahaha

  21. Much ado about nothing , Kaseke is trying to make Zimbos happy, He knows why Zimbos are not happy, its not because we havent met the Brazilians or Cubans, its because of the number 93

  22. NRZ sponsoring a bush party ichitadza kubhadhara vashandi????? Am I getting this right???

  23. regai vanhu vambofurwa nemhepo amana nhamo yemuzimbabwe yanyanya

  24. Truth First & Always

    @Daniel Chigundu: Carnival is most definitely NOT a celebration of diversity. It is a pagan festival that is a several centuries old thanks giving ceremony for Pagan Gods….at least seek the truth before you run out to these “parties”

  25. Pythagoras. One-One.

    Good exchanges of diversity of personal values/perspectives. To be encouraged, especially necessity for tolerance of diversity . As regards celebrateable virtues I think the existing familiar global list can be extended. I suggest week of celebrating Food for All. Another week for Shelter for All. And last but not least another week of celebrating Justice for All. More suggestions?

  26. thse are signs of the time . like days of sodom when women became lowdown till men preferred other men than woman

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