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Zodwa ban or not, let’s not be distracted from burning issues


If one had any doubts that the Zimbabwean government majors in pettiness, the recent banning of Zodwa Libram, popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu, from performing at the Harare International Carnival should remove any such questions.

Editorial Comment

It is just inconceivable that the government would sit down to discuss Zodwa, when the Censorship Board could have done so without the involvement of the Tourism ministry.

Zimbabwe has so many issues that it has to tackle right now such as the economy and the deteriorating political situation to be bothered by whether Zodwa wears panties or not.

What the government should be bothering about is what it can do to reverse the economic decline and combat rampant corruption.

The country has lurched from one crisis to the other, our legal framework is in shambles because of our failure to align laws to the Constitution, yet the government concentrates on Lilliputian things.

We would not put it beyond this government that they have now realised they have failed and are looking for diversionary tactics and ways to deflect focus from them.

They made so many promises ahead of the last election and they have failed to deliver.

So to avert scrutiny, they decide to concentrate on minor issues, leaving the big things untouched hoping that Zimbabweans would forget their failures.

Zimbabweans should not stop asking about the economy, about the missing diamond revenue and about government’s inertia in taming corruption.

There should be questions about what happened to 2,2 million jobs, which Zanu PF promised ahead of the last elections.

We should be wary of diversionary tactics that get citizens majoring on minors and losing sight of the ball, as we head to next year’s crucial elections.

With a few months before the polls, the discussion should be about more serious issues rather than an entertainer and what shenanigans she gets up to.

We have pleaded for a responsive government and what we meant is that we want authorities that respond to our cries for good governance, transparency and accountability, rather than where they concentrate on trivia and petty issues.

Had our affairs been in order, then probably we would have ignored the government’s propensity to act as the country’s moral police, but they are not and that is why we are convinced the authorities are trying to deflect, to keep us occupied so we do not ask the real questions.

We see beyond this childish ploy and whether Zodwa is banned or not, we will not lose sight of the ball and continue demanding that the government delivers on its promises.

For a nation in a state of near collapse to be locked in mortal conflict over Zodwa is simply unforgiveable and Zimbabweans are definitely girding to hit back at the polls.

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