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Zanu PF dangles stands ahead of Mugabe rally


ZANU PF has promised to parcel out residential stands to all youth who attend the youth interface rally in Gweru on Friday.


Speaking at a parallel inter district preparatory meeting, Kwekwe Central legislator, Masango Matambanadzo (pictured) said President Robert Mugabe will dish out stands to the youth and their parents.

“You have to write down the names of those who attend the rally because those who don’t attend will not get anything. Each branch chairperson should ensure they keep a register,” he said.

Matambanadzo said the stands will be given to everyone aged between 18 to 35 years, who will bring their parents to the rally.

Matambanadzo addressed his own meeting at the same venue after the Zanu PF Midlands provincial secretary for lands, Moses Murada had finished his address.

Murada had, during his meeting, blasted Matambanadzo, accusing him of fuelling confusion by running parallel party programmes.

He called on Matambanadzo to use the party offices, as he rolled out his programmes, warning if he failed to do so, he might be ousted in 2018.

“You cannot go around acting in the name of the party while not respecting its structures. We know what the people want and how to help them but you can’t do it without the involvement of the party,” Murada said.

He did not give Matambanadzo a chance to respond, but instead closed the meeting after urging all the youth to attend the rally in Gweru.

Matambanadzo immediately called a separate meeting, where he pledged to dole out stands to party members.

“The leadership blocked me from telling you about the stands, but it will be unfair if I don’t tell you because the President said I should give you the message,” he said.

Since being elected MP, Matambanadzo has not been visiting the party offices, claiming he was being stalked by factionalists.

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